TS MADISON | It's not what you are called, it's what you answer to!
by George Regz

"Its not what you are called, its what you answer to!"
If you've ever sat through a TS Madison vlog via
youtube once the red light comes on and she asks
if its on; you already know you are in for a bumpy
ride! This trans advocate has gone viral with her
no-holds-barred thoughts and expressions that may
seem unconventional to some, her perception of the
world either captivates her viewers or sets her critics
into a frenzy.

The year 2014 was a milestone year for the trans community
both in mainstream Hollywood with Laverne Cox landing a
Time Magazine cover to the UnitedState's announcement of
civil rights protection for trans workers. Despite being casted
as the black sheep of her community according to several
sources in the media, TS Madison ruffled a few feathers
while preaching about self-empowerment and strength in
her community rather to coddle and promote self-pitty to
those affected by the word "Tranny" in one of her most
controversial videos this past year while addressing ex
Rupaul's Drag Race contestant Carmen Carrera over her
backlash towards RuPaul and the censorship of the term
"She-Mail" used during seasons of drag race.  

Madison has catapulted her career far from what she built
on her empire within the adult film industry and branched
out this year toward the mainstream platform set by creators
of RuPaul's Drag Race/ World of Wonder productions: "Wait
a Minute!"  is a show where Madison hosts her own
segments tackling day to day issues with a comedic spin.
2014 proved that TS Madison is a force to be reckoned with
and we can't wait for whats in store for 2015.

Tell us a bit about yourself, birthday, sign, nationality,
how it was growing up at home…?
I am Ts Madison my birthday is October 22nd, I am a wise
Libra, African American and full of life.  Growing up at home
for me is kinda hard to explain,  I have a very strong
Christian background and I considered myself gay as a teenager. There was a constant struggle with my personal relationship with God
and my personal relationship with myself. I knew at some point that in order for me to be happy I had to find out who I was and I moved
out early.  A path of getting to know myself and knowing my faith.  

What were your childhood dreams?
I have always dreamed of being something great. My childhood dream was to change the world and being a person that will be known in
history for doing something great for humanity.  

OMG - I have lived such a long time and over the course of life so many
things have inspired my persona. The very first person to inspire me was my
mother I watch my mother transition from a young girl to a grown woman
because she had me at a young age. It required her to be strong early and
she probably is the biggest influence in my TS Madison persona. However,
her sister, my aunt was a take no prisoners stand up woman and she would
say you are un-defeatable so that was also my a major influence as well.  She
taught me how to drive, how to cuss,  and defend my character.

I wouldn't necessary say I am far from Timothy because Timothy is the
starting point of who I am so I would never forget him.  Timothy is a conduit
to Ts Madison.  I could never discredit or disown Timothy. Timothy was a
caterpillar, Ts Madison is now the butterfly. Now to answer the next part what
does the TS in my name stand for
hahahahaha the TS stands for too much
stuff, but seriously it stands
for transsexual.  

How crucial has plastic surgery played a role personally and
professionally? (What procedures have you had if any) and what
would you advise to anyone looking into it whether it's cosmetic
or to reassign their gender?
I have been a trans woman for 21 years now when I started out the
most important thing I had to have was body because real women
have body. Growing up in the late nineties there was always
competition on who had the most ass this was way before, Kim K
even came along, now that we have evolved into an age where
social media rules,  the real woman are now battling over body
when transwomen covered that twenty years ago.  I have had
numerous cosmetic procedures to enhance my Breast and facial
features.  I do think there are certain areas that Trans women
should focus on, first it should start within, then work outward,
girls should focus on there skin, teeth and face  because fish
starts in the face and works itself down.  Body is also a major
factor in transformation.  I think girls should seek out board
certified doctors to enhance there bodies because I do not
recommend under the table black market silicone doctors,  I have
experienced complications with mine and have the scars to prove
it.  I don't want any Trans girl to go thru the same issues that I did.  
When it's comes to gender I believe that is someones' personal

Breaking into the adult industry what drew you to that? After
being so successful in this industry what can we expect in 2015
in regards on your stance within this industry?
What broke me into the industry of adult entertainment was me
wanting to be my own boss and to deliver me from walking the
streets at the time.  I worked many 9 to 5 but they never provided
me with enough money.  Individuals think because you do porn
that you don't have any kind of education I have some college
under my belt and only few credits away from my degree but I
decided to walk away. I walked away from college because my
college was not ok with me being in my transition and I didn't
want to get into any physical altercation over it.  In 2015 I plan
on developing two or three new stars as I plan on walking away
from the industry as the solidified queen.  I want to keep my brand
strong by having my name be carried on thru others but let me
work become iconic.  I was always be the girl that all other girls
are compared to.......ALWAYS

You've gone viral since 2009 on social media from YouTube to the newest platforms of apps such as Vine; what is it like to have
such a following and at what point of the day do you decide it's time to turn on the camera and let your audience have a piece of
your mind?
I honestly have to say that it is amazing being a Trans woman of color to have such a great influence over society.  I am glad that you
brought up the point that I have been doing this since 2009 but actually it has been since 2006. I have been affecting lives rerouting
negative opinions of transpeople and also making trans attracted men come out of the closet even before social media starting popping
off.  It is an honor to last this long which shows me that I have the power to transcend out of the negative into the positive.  I have lasting
power and will be deemed a legend and an icon in all factors of society.  

2014 was a milestone year not only for TS Madison but for the mainstream recognition of the trans community in Hollywood while
Laverne Cox landed the cover of Time Magazine. What do you think sets TS Madison apart from other trans women in mainstream
media at the moment?
Ts Madison is loud live and in color.  I have a boldness that these other girls lack and I am not afraid to step on any toes.  I say what
people are thinking and afraid to say and a no holds bar attitude and a somewhat radical approach to oppression.  What also sets me
apart I don't have the same
cliche of I was a woman trapped inside a mans body like the normal Trans story.  I am not afraid to say I was
born a boy that transitioned into a woman or to speak about my genitalia.  

Were you ever bullied in your childhood or during phases of transition? How did you deal with this?
I am not going to say I was bullied because I have always been a strong person and all I knew was to fight.  Have I ever been
discriminated against yes. Bullying and discrimination are two different words and there is two different approaches.  Initial approach to
both is to fight one is with fists and weaponry and the other is with the law and protest.  I am experienced in both means of combat.

Recently you've been called out in an interview by ex RuPaul's Drag Race contestant now trans advocate Carmen Carrera about
being a "bad example" for the trans community based on your history with porn; What ignited the feud that has been going
throughout 2014 between the both of you and why do you believe your history with the adult industry shouldn't clash with your
advocacy and activism toward the trans community?
Let's clear this up now I have NEVER had a problem or spoken a bad word about CARMEN until she laid her words and mouth upon
me.  Secondly I find Carmen to be the biggest coward in the field of "advocacy" because she is a subliminal diss whore for attention.  
She doesn't have the balls to stand up to the real oppressor but likes to attack the community which she claims that she fights for rights
for.  Let's be clear here she is a "microwave tranny" meaning she popped up over night.  The girl hasn't even put in enough time or
energy into the struggle to come in complaining about people that built a lane for her to even walk thru.  When she opens her one sided
mouth speaking on porn, escorts and prostitution she sounds delusional because she is attacking things that she herself is apart of or
indulging in. (I have the proof and people know what she does)  what she fails to realize is that porn stars prostitutes and escorts make
up a large percentage of our Trans community.  I am not glorifying any of it but it has been the means of some transwoman going to
school, paying bills, and feeding families.  I just want to know who appointed this bitch judge, jury, and executioner to people? WHO?
What upsets me about this person is that so many people have told her she is beautiful that she has forgotten that to be really beautiful
you have to be beautiful on the inside to be beautiful on the outside.  This whole two or three year transition I think she has lost herself
and I really want her to have a seat no... no, actually several. Now that this article is out this is officially the LAST time I, TS Madison, have
any time for that little girl because I am a grown woman.......been a transwoman for two decades........#girlbye
I am also unashamed that I have built an empire on something that girls give away freely.  Porn doesn't define me it's what I do, not who
I am.  I have countless fans around the world whose lives I have impacted that don't know I even do adult work.  So when she speaks
negatively against me she sees that she can never discredit or change the opinions of real people.

Although you are adored and followed by many some of your other critics have called you out based on your "behavior" and
categorizing your attitude as a display of stereotype or making a joke or meme of the trans community. Do you feel that their
opinions are out of jealousy despite your success this year? What goes through your mind when you read things like this and how
do you cope with this?
Small minded one sided people see the glass half empty or half
full but however I am not ashamed of what I have done this year
but as I have said in many interviews before "it takes a bulldozer to
knock a wall down".  Yes I came in aggressively swinging my cock
around but it got the job done.  Let me ask you this when was the
last time you have seen me swing my cock around? When was the
last time I spoke about porn? Only if asked do I speak about? Yes
I will always read the eyes out of someone that is talking about me
but in the middle of there also--- I am dropping encouragement for
the community and others that are following my words.  I always
say don't let anyone bully you or discriminate against you but stand
up and stand tall.  

Are TS Madison and Timothy 2 different entities? If so- describe
them and who are you more in-touch with today off cameras?
Timothy is Ts Madison is always going to be there and is all
names I have ever had.  Timothy is the person that balls up his fist
to fight and defend myself.  I will always be Timothy as I have
stated earlier I am not ashamed of anything and proud of who I am.  
Ts Madison is a boss ass bitch know that.  

How did you get involved with Rupaul and the wow network with
your new segment "Now wait a minute" and will we ever see you
on Rupaul's Drag Race as a contestant or guest judge?
Well to be honest it all came from the initial CARMEN Carrera read
I did.  A guest judge hopefully and possibly and a contestant I can't
be, you know I am not a drag queen.  Rupaul I admired from when
I was a child she is LEGENDARY.  

Tell us about your new album The New Supreme" what is the
next single?
The EP is already out so all the music is there. I will be working
on new music this upcoming year; New and old artists--- and the
next single with a video you will just have to stay tuned.  

Is it tough to date being TS Madison? Do you have a type? Are
you seeing anyone at the moment?
Yes it is extremely hard for anyone to date nowadays especially
with the rise of social media connecting everyone and leading to
infidelity and other issues.  Past experiences with guys I have
extreme trust issues.  Am I dating someone now? hmmmm...
I am going to stay away from this one but let's just say I am doing

What were some of your greatest accomplishments and highlights of 2014 and what can we expect for 2015? Any major changes?
Omg so many things happens for me in the year 2014 I don't know where to begin but I met Rupaul I had a candid interview with
Rupaul.  I have finished my book.  I was interviewed in France by a magazine that is equivalent to Rolling Stones.  My television pitch was
done ohhhhh did I say to much oops. Capital records asked me to do a vine for Mary lambert.  I released my music to the world.  I
traveled the country state to state and performed.  I have my tshirt line that's doing great.  I taped glee thats going to come out in 2015.  
Castings for other tv roles in 2015.  Movies roles were taken and will be out in 2015.  My own show on world of wonder network has been
a true blessing.  The list goes on and on and all I can say is I am so grateful and thankful and I can't wait to do it all over again this year
coming.  Trust me you are going to be seeing a lot of Ts Madison!  

What is the best advice you have ever received and what is your best advice to your followers?
The best advice that I ever received when Rupaul told me Madison don't ever be too big for the small things because the small things
will make you great.  My advice to others is bold is beautiful never be ashamed of what you are and never be apologetic for who you are
and always extend a hand to help your fellow brother or sister because you never know one day you may need a hand to help you.  

Is there any artist you would love to collaborate with on a future track?
I would love to work with Lil Kim, Rupaul, Nicki Minaj, and Adore Delano.

What are 3 things you never leave at home while being on the road?
I never leave at home these three things 1.  My credit cards 2. My id 3. My big bear mace can and 4.  Bail money lol

What is your favorite catch-phrase and how did you come up with it?
My favorite catch phrase is "Always read good books and bad people" and I came up with it because I do just that shit.....

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Ts shirts and accessories: Www.neweave22inches.com
Wikipedia: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ts_Madison

Reference videos:
*TS Madison Reads Carmen Carrera:

*TS Madison Episode:
"Wait a minute" segment '8inch weaves vs. 22 inches

*TS Madison video: THAT GIRL!


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