Love Trumps Hate …in Out Artist’s Powerful New Ballad
By Michael Nelson

Jack Tracy stars as a 30-something gay lawyer,
fresh out of a break up and looking to rebuild his
life in the web series, History.

But while we patiently await the premier of the
show’s third season (February 2019!), Jack is
releasing new music including  “Wherever You
Are,” a powerful ballad that packs the punches.  
The song and its music video are intensely
personal, graphic, and sexually explicit with Jack
Tracy appearing nude and in bondage gear.

“I think mainstream representations of gay love
often cut around the actual sex in order to make
us more palatable to straight audiences,” he
explains. “It was important for me to make a
song that expressed love in the way I experience

We sat down with him in New York to learn more.

You literally bare all — your soul and your nude
body — in the music video for  “Wherever You
I find that the more vulnerable I am in film, the
better it is received.  There is a really great
power in vulnerability.  More people connect to it.
It's also a matter of personal growth for me to
push myself to do things that make me

You also show off some fetish gear.
I think a lot of people look
at fetish and role play as
kinky and transgressive,
which it can be, but they
forget that it is also
extremely intimate. I really
wanted to portray the
intimacy of that kind of
connection rather than just
its salacious eroticism.  
Personally, I find losing myself in erotic fantasy more romantic than any
candlelit dinner.

Let’s talk about the song.  What inspired it?
I was in a relationship where things were very picture perfect but under the surface, I longed for more.  It became a love song to someone
I hadn't met yet.

But “Wherever You Are” is more than a love song.  It carries a significant message.
I can't sing songs about love or being fierce or making money moves or being sickening or voguing or whatever when there are literally
Nazis marching in the streets of my neighborhood.

You live in New York City, supposedly one of the most gay friendly cities on earth.
And that's what's shocking!  Hatred is everywhere.  My personal experiences have been slight, fortunately.  Someone pulling their car over
in the heart of Hell's Kitchen to call me a faggot.  Someone following me down a street screaming at me that I’m responsible for babies in
Jamaica having AIDs.  What I have experienced personally is trivial compared to the fact that we quite literally have a new group of proud
nazis — the "Proud Boys” — taking over.

Who are these Proud Boys?
They are white nationalists who commit hate crimes to rise in status in the group.  They are unabashedly anti-LGBT and have shown a
particular bent towards intimidating trans people.  It’s all thanks to the politics of the republican party and our disgraceful president that
these nazis are empowered.  They are activated.  They are validated as a political movement worthy of a seat at the table.  They are no
longer basement dwellers and internet trolls.  They are proudly welcomed into civil society by the right.  

I'm hesitant to call myself an activist.  The activists are on the ground doing
what I consider to be the real work:  organizing, marching, rallying, protesting.  
To be honest, I'm too sensitive for that kind of work.  It infuriates me and
consumes me to the point of not being helpful.    I consider myself more of an
alarmist.   I’m merely shining a light on LGBTQ concerns through an art form.

For so long, young gays have taken their rights for granted.
But that's what we wanted, right?  We wanted our young people to live in a world where they had equal rights, were respected, had role
models, felt free to live openly...that's what we wanted for them.

Should they be concerned that they may lose everything the generation before them gained?
Yes, because the problem with humanity is that we're shit when it comes to acting preemptively.  We're good at reacting to tragedies
when they happen but very bad at preventing bad things from happening in the first place.  We have to feel it.  That’s what I hope my work
does… makes people feel the threat and take action.

Photos by Joey Sbarro Photography

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