PETER LE | The Asian Invasion has begun!
by West Phillips

I was born and raised in Northern California.
I divide my time between different passions:
personal training, fitness modeling and
competitive bodybuilding. I love working out!
It makes me feel good and keeps me balanced.
  One thing few people know about me: I’m
very athletic. In high school, I was an All-
American Wrestler.
  I’m a Scorpio…so my sex drive is really
high! But I’m also picky about the people I get
involved with. To win my heart, you just have
to be sincere, funny and loving. I enjoy meeting
new people and trying new things. I love taking
trips and exploring new places, especially with
fun and adventurous people.         
 - Peter Le

How did you get into modeling? At what age?
I was just barely legal when I started modeling. After a
buddy of mine recommended I try working with this one
photographer he knew, I took some nude pictures while still
in college. The photographer submitted our photos to several
magazines because he thought I had modeling potential,
and I was subsequently featured in Playgirl, Torso, and
Freshman. Most people found out about me first through the
Playgirl spread.

Being on the cover of Playgirl Magazine must have been
a huge step for your career. What was that experience like
for you?
It was a big honor. I was one of maybe two Asians featured
in the publication throughout it's run so I was really excited
to be able to represent something different.

How did your website peterfever.com get it's start?
When was this?
PL:  Really it started after I put some of my pictures on
modelmayhem.com and I started getting a ton of hits.  I
debated with myself and eventually I decided to create a site
where people could pay to see more of my photos. It all
started in 2008 and the rest is history.

Peterfever.com has developed a huge fan base from all over the world.
What's the most memorable time a fan recognized and/or approached you in public?
PL: On my first ever trip to Thailand, one of my favorite places in the world, I got stopped numerous times in the airport after I had landed.
This was years ago before the site had really taken off so my popularity over there really surprised me at the time.

In addition to Peterfever.com, you also have another business called PetePhysique. Tell us about that.
I'm all about living a healthy lifestyle. Pete Physique is a way for me to reach a broader audience outside my core fan base and help teach
people how to get in shape and stay in shape. Getting fit is really a decision to live a certain lifestyle. For me, that's eating right and lifting
heavy. My Pete Physique book is a great guide to reaching your full potential. I'm actually going to be coming out with a second, revised
edition of it soon too.

You seem to have a lot on your plate! Do you find time in your busy schedule to date or have a relationship?
All work and no play would make Peter a dull boy. I'm pretty cautious about getting into a serious relationship because when I do, I'm in it
for the long haul. Most people think of me as a sex panther
but I can be surprisingly romantic, too. So when I'm single
though all bets are off and it's pretty much first come first
serve. I think at this point I've managed to sample a little bit
of every corner of the world.

While this persona of Peter Le and Peterfever.com appeals to gay and straight fans alike,
you have become a role model within the gay Asian community, specifically.
Has that affected other projects your working on?
It hasn't really affected the projects I'm working on all that
much. I've always tried to promote a healthy lifestyle and be
a role model of a different kind of Asian sexuality. I think my
mission to show Asian males as dominant and sexy is
something that has clicked with the gay Asian community
and I really appreciate their support.

You are probably best known for your nude modeling
on peterfever.com.
Where is the most bizarre or awkward place you have
modeled nude?
One time in Hawaii I hiked naked in the rain for an hour just
to get this shot my photographer had envisioned. The whole
thing was pretty crazy, like am I seriously hiking through
Hawaii naked? In the end though the photos we got are
some of my favorites.

What's next for Peter Le?
There's some new and exciting stuff I have planned for
the site and my awesome models in 2012. I think all my fans
are going to be pretty happy with where I plan on taking
things this year.
The Asian invasion has begun! ;)

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