JoJo Siwa Eats Homophobes for Breakfast
The Dance Moms star and teen mogul has made it clear that haters shall not have a seat at her table.
By Henry Giardina

If you come for JoJo Siwa’s bows or her sexuality, prepare
to be casually roasted over an open flame.

As a YouTube star, former Dance Moms contestant, and

one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People of 2020,
17-year-old JoJo Siwa has very little time to deal with haters.

So little time, in fact, that she’s spent a good part of her
career expediting this message to the public, via YouTube
hits like “Hold the Drama” and her 2017 memoir, Jojo's
Guide to the Sweet Life: #peaceouthaterz.

However, when Siwa officially came out as part of the

LGBTQ+ community over the weekend, things ramped
up quickly. After a series of videos that caused her legions
of fans to freak out because of hints she might be queer,
the singer, dancer, and entrepreneur posted a 14-minute
long video to Instagram on Sunday explaining that she is,
in fact, part of the rainbow mafia.

Casually flexing her Time 100 sweatshirt and wearing

one of her signature rainbow hair bows, Siwa confirmed
viewers’ speculation about her sexuality, saying that there
is “so much love in the world” and that she’s the “happiest
[she’s] ever been.”

Although Siwa didn’t attach a label to herself in the video,

she explained that she is still working on finding the word
that’s right for her. “I think in life,” Siwa says, “you know
when you’ve met your person.” What’s that sound? Oh
nothing, just my heart melting into the floor.

In the post, Siwa appears happy, excited, and unshaken

by the whirlwind of events that led up to her official coming-
out. Only the day before, just hours after posting an image
of herself to Twitter wearing a shirt that said “best gay
cousin ever,” Siwa was “swatted” by neighbors, causing
her and her best friend and videographer, Nate Javier to
leave Siwa’s home after a SWAT team showed up.

The next day’s official coming out video garnered supportive comments and
hearts from celebs like Trixie Mattel, Kerry Washington, and Tesla truther
Jamie Lynn Spears. It being a coming-out video, of course, it wasn’t all
positivity and sparkles. A certain concerned (read: homophobic) parent
instantly tried it with Siwa, posting, “My daughter will never watch you again.”

To which Queen Siwa replied, “Ok!”

It was the exclamation point that snatched a thousand wigs, and we shan’t be forgetting it soon. It’s also appropriate that Siwa’s first
official act as part of the queer community is an act of cheerful resistance to bigotry. If this is how strong Siwa comes out of the gate, we
can expect some Elektra Abundance-level Twitter draggings from her in the near future.

While there were a handful of similarly pressed comments from homophobes, the overwhelming response to the video was as
heartwarming as ever. One parent even posted an emotional video to TikTok explaining to their daughter that her favorite singer “likes
girls.” The daughter’s response?

“She’s like me.”

That’s how we know we’ve won.

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