boozy, over-40 best friends who are
desperate to stay hip and youthful and
who carry on under the disapproving eye
of Edina's teenage daughter, Saffy.

More than a decade ago, Roseanne
Barr worked on developing a U.S. version
of the show with Carrie Fisher for ABC.
CBS' 1995-98 Cybill Shepherd comedy
"Cybill" had an "Ab Fab" flavor to it.
Another short-lived 1995 sitcom, CBS'
"High Society," starring Jean Smart and
Mary McDonnell, was a thinly veiled

Original series starred Saunders and
Joanna Lumley. It was a big hit in Britain
and successful import for Comedy
Central. In the U.K., "Ab Fab" ran as a
regular series from 1992-95, with a two-
part finale airing in 1996. Saunders and
Lumley reunited for further adventures
with fresh segs produced in 2001 and

Every gay man in America who had cable TV in the 1990s is rejoicing at the news that
“Absolutely Fabulous,” the cult hit originally broadcast on the BBC, is finally ready for its
stateside rebirth - starring somewhat-unknown Kathryn Hahn as  FEBRUARY | FEBRERO 2009

Sweetie, Darling... Fox to redo 'Absolutely Fabulous'

Absolutely Fabulous (also known as Ab Fab) is a BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning
British sitcom written by and starring Jennifer Saunders and co-starring Joanna Lumley,
Julia Sawalha, June Whitfield and Jane Horrocks. It was broadcast on BBC from 1992
to 1996 and 2001 to 2005. The series is currently being remade for the U.S. for 2009.

Network taps Zander to adapt Saunders series
By Cynthia Littleton

Edina and Patsy are ready to take on L.A.

Fox is developing a redo of Jennifer Saunders' enduring Britcom "Absolutely Fabulous,"
to be exec produced by Mitch Hurwitz, Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum for Sony
Pictures TV, Tantamount and BBC Worldwide America.
Christine Zander ("Saturday Night Live") is set to write the script and will exec produce
along with the BBC's Ian Moffitt and original series creator Saunders. Fox has given
Sony a script order with hefty penalty attached.
The latest attempt at a U.S. rendition of "Ab Fab" will be transplanted to L.A. but retain
the basic template of the original, revolving around the friendship of two

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil


70's Inspired Purses




People for the
Ethical Treatment
of Animals

“Edina Monsoon,” and the comedic genius Kristen
Johnson as “Patsy Stone.”
Kathryn can currently be seen playing the sister of
Sarah Silverman in the Sarah Silverman Show on
Comedy Central.

Johnson, who butched it up as a male alien
trapped in a female body on “3rd Rock From The
Sun,” is “99.9 percent” locked in for the role of
Patsy, a mere X chromosome away from being a
drag queen herself. Dish can’t imagine anyone
more suited for the role.

Johnson says the initial script read was a big
success, albeit with some significant
Americanized tweaks.  

“It’s a totally different element, it’s a totally
different show,” she told Entertainment Weekly.
“We don’t smoke, we are hungover all the time, we chew
Nicorette, we’re trying to be more PC, but I think it really works.”
Dish hopes so, sweetie darling

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