10 Best Countries for LGBTQ Expats
By Greg Nelson

With President Trump creating a disturbing climate for the LGBTQ community in America,
it is enlightening to take a look around the globe at how welcoming other countries are
to the community. When you compare America to other countries, we have both our
benefits and flaws when it comes to our country’s policies, but when it comes to
the wide acceptance of the LGBTQ lifstyle, America is late to the party compared
to these countries.

When traveling as a transgender to and from the United States, it is very important
to go over travel information concerning LGBTI people. Here are a few quick tips:

●        Read up on your destination before you travel to go over if they are openly

●        Check that your hotel is accepting before you book. Some hotels, especially
in rural areas, will not accept bookings from same-sex couples.

●        Update your passport with your correct name and gender marker.

●        Be ready to present additional legal and health documents, contact information of a lawyer, parentage documents if you are bringing
children, and special information required by the destination country.

●        When you reach your destination, please be aware of the laws and justice system. Watch out for entrapment campaigns by police,
criminals who exploit members of the LGBTQ community, and be careful in rural areas, as they may not be as accepting as the city areas.

Though there has been a much wider acceptance of LGBTQ people in recent years, many people in many countries are persecuted
for their sexual and/or gender preferences. For LGBTQ expats, these countries are the best ones to seek refuge in.

1. Spain

Dubbed "the world's most LGBT-friendly country," Spain is hugely tolerant of homosexuality. Madrid is host to the Pride parade, and this
year, it will host the World Gay Pride celebration.

2. Germany

The German National Tourist Office has its own page specifically for LGBT. Here, there is a vibrant gay community that can help you to
feel comfortable in your own skin, without fear of judgment.

3. France

While Marais is considered to be the most gay-friendly location in Paris, the city as a whole is very welcoming. They even elected an
openly gay man, Bertrand Delanoe, as mayor in 2001. Other gay-friendly cities in France include Nice, Toulouse and Provence.

4. Czech Republic

Much of the tolerance of LGBTQ in the Czech Republic comes from the capital city of Prague. Here is the Prague Pride celebration and the
Mezipatra Film Festival. Events such as these make Prague a great place for LGBTQ people to reside.

5. Canada

One of the largest countries in the world is also one of the most gay-friendly. Whether you're visiting Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa
or elsewhere, you'll find a community that welcomes you with open arms.

6. Britain

Britain showcases tolerance for LGBTQ all over its cities. At the recent Brighton Pride celebration, Prime Minister Theresa May voiced her
support for the LGBTQ people in the community, saying, "We rightly take pride in making Britain one of the LGBT-friendly places in the

7. Japan

Japan is the most gay-friendly country in Asia. The best place to experience the gay community is in the capital city of Tokyo, one of the
best cities for nightlife in the world.

8. Italy

Not only are Italian cities such as Tuscany, Florence and Venice absolutely gorgeous, they also cater to the needs of gay residents. Italy is
full of a gay-friendly nightlife as well.

9. Argentina

Argentina is the most gay-friendly country in South America. They legalized same-sex marriage in 2010, being the first Latin American
country to do so. Bueno Aires is also the host of the biggest gay pride celebration in all of South America.

10. Australia

How much does Australia celebrate homosexuality? In Sydney, there's a Gay & Lesbian Mardis Gras event. In the biggest cities of the
country, such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, you can find a welcoming gay community.

We hope that the list of countries which are friendly to LGBTQ citizens increases more and more, to the point that all countries are tolerant
in some way. While we are thankful for the social progress exhibited in countries such as these, we still have a long way to go until the
rights of LGBTQ are equal around the world.

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