JORGE BERNAL | 2018 Grand Marshal of
AIDS Walk Miami

Why is it important to you to be chosen as the 2018 Grand
Marshall of AIDS Walk Miami?  
I have been a resident of Miami for 38 years, this is my city, this
is where I met my wife, this is where my kids were born…Miami
is my home.  3 years ago, there were almost 26k people living
with HIV in Miami-Dade, 44% of them Hispanic.  

As the Grand Marshal this year I hope to raise awareness on
AIDS, clear the misconceptions and overall educate on how we
can bring those numbers down.  

Tell me about Care Resource, and what they offer? Where
do funds raised for AIDS Walk Miami, go?
AIDS walk Miami continues to be Miami’s largest HIV/AIDS
awareness fundraiser and continues to attract thousands of
participants who walk for different reasons, but walk together
for one common cause: to support Care Resource and Food
For Life Network food bank and its work to prevent new infections,
maximize the health outcomes of those infected, and to end the
epidemic here in South Florida. Care Resource is a 501(c) (3)
nonprofit organization and a Federally Qualified Health Center
(FQHC). They have seven (7) facilities located in Midtown Miami,
Little Havana-(Miami-Dade), Miami Beach, Coconut Grove and
Fort Lauderdale. Funds support the provision of affordable and
high-quality health and support services to address the full
healthcare needs of South Florida’s pediatric, adolescent and
adult populations. The Food For Life Network provides and
delivers groceries, meals and nutritional education to eliminate
malnutrition and starvation in men, women, and children living
with chronic illnesses. In fact, since 1987, Food For Life Network’s
staff and its volunteers have provided over 2 million meals and
groceries to people living with chronic illness and emergency
food assistance needs. Currently, the Food For Life Network
food bank serves just over 48,000 meals and groceries each

You have a lovely young family. How have/will you discuss this issue with them? What advice do you have for parents when
discussing HIV/AIDS?
 Our kids are still too small to have this conversation with them but when the time arises, we will do so.  I think the
best way to open this conversation with our kids is to try not to shield them from the problem but educate them on it.  

Tell me about your personal style. When not on set, what is your favorite thing(s) to wear? Your son seems to also follow your
fashionista styles. Describe his style, and how dad influences it?
On the show, I wear suits about 99% percent of the time, therefore when I’m not on set I stay away from suits 100% of the time! My style is
very relaxed and comfortable.  I wear a lot of joggers and jeans and I compliment them with a black t-shirt.  As a matter of fact, I always
wear a black t-shirt!  I try to salvage any minute I can from the day, I hate to stand there in the closet deciding what to wear so I have many
many black shirts that go with anything and of course some cool kicks.  My son is cooler than me, he likes to always look his best.  He
even changes several times a day!

Name 3 things you never leave home without:  
My awesome red backpack, my phone and a bottle of water.

For more info on Care Resource or th AIDS Walk Miami, please visit:

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