message I believe in passionately.”

The film, Bailey noted, “was my first time
playing a gay character,” leading one
website to refer to the role as “a straight
actor’s gay education.”  

“For the first time in my life, as my character
David, I fell in love with a man (Bobby) and
experienced a full-on man kiss!,” Bailey
exclaimed. “All of which came as easily and naturally as many of the straight love
stories I’ve played as an actor. However, the film’s impact on me went far beyond a
simple synopsis.  It was a monumental experience for my life and career, in that I got to
play a role in a story that I believe can change lives.”

“I chose to become an actor so I could tell stories that inspire and enlighten,” he said. “It
truly filled my heart and soul to be able to help bring this story to fruition, knowing that it
could change the lives and families of ‘Bobbys’ out there today.”

Prayers premiered just months after California voters approved Proposition 8, which
rolled back marriage equality in the nation’s most populous state, where Bailey also
now makes his home.  The vote, he told Ambiente, was heartbreaking . . . but he does
find a (small) silver lining in the number of voters who stood up to support marriage

“My reaction to the passage of Proposition 8 was surprise, followed by disgust, and
then disappointment,” he said.  “I honesty did not think fear and ignorance were that
prevalent in California.  The unconstitutional passing of Proposition 8 is pure bigotry
and a disgrace . . . and history will judge it as such.  To deny a fellow citizen equal rights
under the law is downright un-American, and I am disappointed by the 51% of California
voters who did so.”

Bailey added that he hopes Prayers “will in some way open the hearts and minds of
those who deny equality to their neighbors. The good news is that 49% of  MARCH | MARZO 2009

Scott Bailey’s Guiding Light
an interview by Steve Ralls, exclusively for Ambiente

Scott Bailey has recently learned of his big gay following.

In January, on the same evening Lifetime Television debuted his latest project, Prayers
for Bobby, the former Guiding Light star traveled to Washington for a premiere night
fundraiser for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).  The
organization, which figures prominently in the storyline of Prayers, invited Bailey to the
nation’s capital for a small, intimate cocktail reception with D.C. donors.  Within hours
of the event’s announcement, it had sold out, and PFLAG added a second event, the
same evening, which also turned out a standing-room-only crowd.

“Wow! I am honored to have a ‘big gay following,’” Bailey told Ambiente, wryly noting
that he has “found gay fans to be immensely loyal and have great taste. . . .  A gay fan
base is something I’ve hoped for, and that I’m honored to have, and see as a sign of
great things to come.”

And, as many Bailey points out, gay fans have, in the past, helped launch a career or
two as well.  

The actor, whose soap opera career was followed by the critically acclaimed Prayers
with Golden Globe winner Sigourney Weaver, seems poised to become a breakout star,
and one of the screen’s most visible, and vocal, straight allies.

“I’m very proud to be considered a straight ally,” Bailey said.  “I’ve always thought it was
important to stand up for what is right, and especially for the
California voters voted ‘no’ on Proposition 8, and as awareness is increasing so will
that number, until equality is here. I can only hope that day comes soon!”

He is committed to ushering in that day, he says, by remaining involved with
organizations like PFLAG, and working to educate the public about LGBT issues.

“I was thrilled and honored that [PFLAG] asked me to participate” in their Prayers event,
he said. “PFLAG plays an integral part in helping families better understand the lives
and experiences of their gay family members. . . . I will never forget the mothers and
fathers who hugged me, thanked me and through tears told me how much they loved
their gay sons and daughters.  To help such a powerfully positive organization that
literally saves lives is something I would do again in a heartbeat.  Anytime, anywhere!”

“I will gladly step up and lend my  support in any way I can,” he added. “I feel strongly
about LGBT equality issues.  Inequality is not acceptable. Separate is not equal. And I
will continue to stand up and raise my voice for equality for all until it becomes a reality.”

And to all the “Bobbys” and their families, Bailey offers this advice:  “Be proud of who you
are! When you can safely come out, do so.  If you are struggling, there are organizations
like PFLAG and The Trevor Project that can help.  And if your family is having trouble
accepting you, turn them on to PFLAG and get them to watch Prayers for Bobby.”

“I may just be one guy,” he told Ambiente, “but I hope that I am being a part of the
change I want to see, and I would love for that change to become infectious.”

And with more than 19 million viewers – and counting – Prayers, and Bailey, may be just
the ‘guiding light’ that’s needed to help change to America, one living room at a time.
‘Prayers for Bobby’ is now available for download in iTunes, and Bailey can currently be
seen in the CW series ‘Kamen Rider.’  He is the current print model for Old Spice’s ad
campaign, and can be seen next in ‘Backlight,’ a film being released later this year in
which, he says, he plays ‘a suicidal, depressed guy who finds meaning by helping
others.’  His website is

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Prayers for Bobby| Scott Bailey
majority to stand up for the minority.  As a straight white guy, maybe more of the majority
will listen to me when I stand up and say that gay rights are guaranteed in the U.S.
Constitution and Proposition 8 and gay discrimination are simply wrong.”

Bailey’s passion for equality was formed long ago, but solidified as he learned the story
of Bobby Griffith, the title character in Prayers.  Griffith, a young gay man raised in a
devoutly religious household, committed suicide after being rejected by his mother and
scorned by his church.  His story, retold in the book by Leroy Aarons and, this year, in
the Lifetime film, moved Scott to speak out about LGBT equality and to take on a role
that the actor felt was especially important.

Bailey told the crowd at PFLAG’s January fundraisers that he first read Aarons’ book
many years ago and was inspired by Bobby’s story and that of his mother, Mary Griffith,
who turned to PFLAG for support and later became a tireless crusader for the gay
community. And even though he joked that the producers told him he’d be “a little old” to
play Bobby once the story finally made it into production, he jumped at the chance to
play Griffith’s first boyfriend, who provides a stark counterpoint to the struggles Bobby
encounters on his coming out journey.

In Prayers, Bailey’s character is fully accepted by his family, lives an active and out
social life and is almost the exact opposite of Bobby, whose home life is filled with
parental proselytizing and the “prayers” of a mother who wants him to “change.”

“Playing David in Prayers for Bobby allowed me to do something about my beliefs,” he
told Ambiente, “and that is to put my money where my mouth is, or walk the talk, if you
will.  I jumped at the opportunity to help tell and spread a

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