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Skyline Lounge Makes a Miracle Landing in South Beach

Miami, Florida- Night life in South Florida is about to be taken to new heights as the
newest “Big Apple” import just made a miracle landing in South Beach. The airline
themed Skyline Lounge is ready to take guests on a first class voyage as they open
their doors this month,  hosted by dynamic duo (and siblings) Wilson and Felix

“Wilson and Felix are duplicating the same idea that they successfully launched in the
city that never sleeps,” said Bobby Brandt, consultant. New York, where the party never
ends was the launch pad for the Reynoso’s flight inspired idea. They went as far as to
remove seats, windows, overhead compartments, turbines, and a cockpit from two
retired airplanes to adorn Skyline. Skyline is an intimate lounge geared for high end
consumers who want to escape the “usual” night clubs that dominate South Beach.

Imagine making your way through the front door and being met by fabulous greeters
dressed in flight attendant outfits. As your move through the venue your eyes focus on
the two spinning turbines that emit nitrous set up behind the bar that is made up of a
DC-9 wing. The typical lounge furniture found in most other venues is no where in sight
as airline seats are set up through out the space. The First Class Seating area or what
other venues call the VIP section is
carefully segregated for those that enjoy some exclusivity. A certain attention to detail is
quite apparent as usable overhead compartments are set up around the lounge to
serve as a convenient resting place for personal items and the purses of Skylines
female patrons. What better way to show off a DJ’s influence over a crowd than to ordain
him the pilot of the venue? The center piece is a cockpit removed from a DC-9 which
dominates the back wall and serves as the DJ booth.

For in-flight bites, Skyline has enlisted the right talent. Boasting an eclectic menu that
was created by acclaimed Chef Frank Jeannetti Skyline offers bite-sized palate pleasing
dishes from all over the globe. Jeannetti has a good understanding of what the high-end
consumer wants, having created menus for some of North America’s leading
restaurants and having worked with some of Tinsel-town’s and Miami’s most finicky
stars and celebrities including: Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Will Smith, Hulk Hogan, and
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Featuring dishes from Cuba, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and the
Middle East, Chef Jeannetti has created a culinary mix for Skyline sure to make patron’s
stay a worldly one.

To get this tolling smoothly here in the city of beaches and palm trees, the Reynoso
brothers carefully selected the consultation of nightlife veteran Bobby Brandt. Mr. Brandt
has over two decades of experience in the night club and service industry in both New
York and Miami respectively, owning and operating a total of nine successful club
venues and highly acclaimed restaurants. His professional capabilities include:
construction, design, layout, bar design and functionality, POS systems, liquor ordering,
securing sponsorships, sound systems, house PA, and lighting. He has as acted as
City liaison for himself and clients, including licensing and permits, fire department
regulations and codes, occupancy, insurance, legal requirements, and negotiating
terms. In this capacity, he is greatly responsible for the “launch” of Skyline in South

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