Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida's SILENT PROCESSIONAL |

CIARA McELVEEN was the 8th transgender person killed in the U.S. in 2017.
7 identified as female, 1 male. 5 were black, one Anglo, 1 Native American. Dozens more have been murdered across Latin America,
Europe, the Middle East & beyond. WHERE IS OUR OUTRAGE, PEOPLE?        

We cannot preach about issues affecting the LGBT community, without truly caring and fighting for ALL, especially those who led the way
for us and our Freedoms – the Transgender Community. UNITY COALITION|COALICION UNIDA, a Florida non profit committed to year
round programming, training, resources, support & vigilance for the Latino|Hispanic| LGB & Transgender community, is doing something.
On Sunday April 9th, 2017 at Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade, Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida lead a SILENT PROCESSIONAL- with a

"Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida's
silent processional for the
transgender community at Miami
Beach Pride was a poignant and
powerful moment for me."  
                -Trans Miami founder & activist ARYAH LESTER

"As in the spirit of the original
pride marches of yesteryear, we
shone light on the plight of those
most vulnerable & disenfranchised,
amidst a sea of rainbows and go-go boys. The gathering of members of the
local transgender leaders in solidarity, and the allyship evident with the crowds
joining in shouting #TransLivesMatters touched my soul. I hope this historic
showing at #MiamiBeachGayPride garners even more empathy from the
masses in mourning those violently taken to lessen the murders in our country."
On June 28, 1969, New York City’s STONEWALL INN bar patrons clashed with police officers, in a raid that would have otherwise resulted
in arrests and public shaming. However, this time the patrons fought back, setting off what we now know as the modern LGBT movement,
including the tradition of LGBT Pride marches. Two often-forgotten people who made an impact that night were transgender women of
color: Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. THEY led the way to our rights. THEY started the movement we all now lead and in great part
– have benefitted from. We cannot leave anyone behind in our quest for EQUALITY.        

NOW IS OUR TIME to fight for
the Transgender Community
with the same passion,
vigilance and energy we have
used for Gay & Lesbian
issues. Where will history
place YOU on Transgender
Rights & Equality?

UC|CU, in partnership with
TransMiami, provide year
round programming, support
and services for the
Transgender community.


PROCESIÓN EN SILENCIO | Honrando personas transgénero que han
sido asesinadas- y las perdidas debido a falta De Apoyo y Recursos

MONICA LOERA, a 43-year-old Latina transgender woman from North Austin, Texas, was shot to death in front of her North Austin home
on Jan. 22, 2016  by a man she was seen arguing with outside. One of her friends told the Chronicle, “She was funny [and] beautiful…
She loved Madonna and she loved to cook

JASMINE SIERRA, 53, a Latina transgender woman, died under suspicious circumstances in late January but, as KERO reported, many
friends were unaware of her passing until March because police and local media in Bakersfield, California, misgendered her after her
body was found. Neighbors reported hearing gunshots on the night of her death.

Arizona cops shot KAYDEN CLARK on February 4th in Arizona. A 24-year-old transgender man with Asperger’s, after he allegedly lunged
at them with a knife during a suicide call. In his last YouTube video, he said that doctors were denying him hormones because of his
Asperger’s: “I don’t know what to do. I’m stuck.” He also claimed to have tried “suicide by cop” before.

Two men from Southeast D.C. were charged with murder and robbery after KEYONNA BLAKENEY, a black transgender woman, was
found stabbed to death in a Maryland motel room. Blakeney celebrated her 22nd birthday just days before her April death.

MERCEDES SUCCESSFUL began transitioning weeks before being shot. On May 15, 2016, the 32-year-old black transgender woman
and performer was found dead in a Haines City, Florida, parking lot. One of her last Facebook posts was a Mother’s Day note: “You’ve
been not only a mom for my siblings and I but for all my friends. I love you.”

A year and a half into his transition, transgender man AMOS BEEDE, 38, was brutally beaten by five people after an apparent dispute
between two Vermont homeless encampments, dying six days later from a brain injury. Beede’s sister Ida McKinney told WPTZ, “We
wanted him to wake up and he couldn’t. He couldn’t wake up.”

On June 5, GODDESS DIAMOND, a 20-year-old black transgender woman, died of “blunt force trauma” and was left in a burning car in
New Orleans, as The Advocate reported. A man was spotted on surveillance footage leaving and returning to the car with a container of
gasoline. Diamond worked at Walmart and was remembered as “very loved” and “very kind.”

DEE WHIGHAM, a 25-year-old black transgender woman and RN, was in Mississippi in late July to see a rodeo when she was found
stabbed to death in her hotel, the Sun Herald reported. Navy Seaman Dwayna Hickerson was charged. After Hickerson’s arrest, Whigham’
s sister wrote, “It feels crazy looking at the person that has selfishly changed your life forever.” Autopsy results released in September and
reported by WCMH showed that Whigham was stabbed 119 times "with most to her face" and that her throat had been slashed three

As reported, 26-year-old SKYE MOCKABEE was found dead with signs of head trauma in a warehouse parking lot on July
30, 2016, making her the fourth transgender woman killed in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, in the last four years. According to her Facebook
profile, she worked at a Chipotle.

Police found the body of ERYKAH TIJERINA, a 36-year-old transgender Latina woman, inside an El Paso apartment with “obvious signs
of foul play,” KFOX-14 reported. Her sisters told the TV station that Tijerina was “funny, giving and unapologetic about the person she
was.” Another friend told KTSM: “She just wanted to be treated like anybody else.”

RAE’LYNN THOMAS, a 28-year-old black transgender woman, was allegedly shot and beaten by her mother’s ex-boyfriend, James Allen
Byrd, as WBNS reported. Rae’Lynn’s mother Renee told WBNS that Byrd had long disapproved of her daughter’s transition and even
called her “the devil” before shooting her. Rae’Lynn’s final words: “Mom, please don’t leave me. Mom, I’m dying.”

On the evening of September 11th, 28-year-old T.T. SAFFORE was found dead “lying near railroad tracks” with her “throat slit,” the
Chicago Tribune reported. Although major Chicago newspapers misgendered.  Saffore, the city’s LGBT newspaper Windy City Times
spoke with her friends and family who said that the slain transgender woman was a “happy cheerful person,” and a “great gymnast.”
Jaliyah Armstrong, who organized a vigil, told the Windy City Times that another woman had threatened Saffore with a knife just days
before the homicide, adding, “People don’t know what we go through out here. They don’t see the struggle being transgender on the West

At around 3 AM on September 16th, Baltimore police found CRYSTAL EDMONDS, a black transgender woman, suffering from a gunshot
wound to the head, the Associated Press reported. She died later that morning in a hospital. Key’Ayshia Tucker, a local transgender
advocate, told WMAR that violence against transgender women in Baltimore is all too common, noting that “[they] are looked at, not as
people, but as an object that has no value.”

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