LMAZAN | South Florida's own Inked Superhero
by Herb Sosa

We chat with one of South Florida's most eligible bachelors, who
brings it every day, with a body and tats worthy of a superhero; the
passion and dedication of a true leader; and a heart and smile that
can (and does) win over every dance floor, beach towel and heart
within a 45 mile radius. This is LOGAN A

Logan was born in Boynton Beach Florida. Seven minutes after his
identical twin brother who passed away at the age of 2 years old.  
He has one older brother, one younger and one younger sister,
and grew up in West Palm Beach.  He graduated from Wellington
High School. "In my teenage years I came out to my parents and
was asked to leave my home. I basically started my entire career
and adulthood with just four garbage bags with clothes and
homeless.  This is why there will always be a special place in
my heart for people that suffer and are homeless.  I wasn't until
last year, after my father passing away and after a ten year
marriage that I was reconnected with my entire family and was
welcomed back with open arms. This is why I'm always trying to
pay it forward to all those that have loved me unconditionally for
so many years.

Tell me a bit about your work (how long have you been doing it,
what is an “average day”, like, etc)?.
I'm currently working at the Ryder Trauma Center in the Trauma
and Burns Intensive Care Unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital since
1998. My average day is pretty much providing care to the most
critically ill patients and emotional support to their loved ones.

"As a trauma nurse I've seen many
young people lose their lives in freak
accidents. I'll never forget the girl
here on vacation that was run over
while laying out on the beach and
He (the surgeon) fought so hard to
save her, and that day my coworker
and I were so heartbroken and in tears knowing that 'that could have been us!'
So I guess live life to the fullest and surround yourself with only people that
love like you do. And don't let fear rob you from making amazing memories
that can never be taken."

What motivated you to go into healthcare, and helping burn victims in particular?
My original plan was to become a Veterinarian. But a few years of assisting the Doctor put pets to sleep was just too heart breaking for
me to handle. So I switched careers and started working in the hospital setting back when I was 18 years old. I've always had a passion
for burns because usually burn patients can be the sickest in our unit. I'm not sure why but as a nurse I get very competitive with myself to
do my best to help save and protect the patients I care for.

Tell me about your most memorable patient, and why?
My most memorable patient was a man who was involved in
a huge boat explosion. I took care of him for several nights in
a row. Probably one of the illest I've ever had taken care of. We
could not oxygenate his body properly due to his abdominal
compartment syndrome preventing his lungs from inflating
properly so an open laparotomy needed to be performed to
release the pressure. In conjunction to all this chaos, he
seemed to also be suffering from multiple organ failure.
The surgeon was hesitant knowing that if we did it.. The
chances of him living were pretty much impossible. In his
room the wife had a picture of their 3 year old daughter and
that picture haunted me. I kept telling myself...This man needs
to walk her down the aisle the day she gets married. So I
begged the surgeon and told him "I don't want to live with the
what if?" So he looked at me and said "let do it!!!" Well that
patient made it and last I hear was living a normal happy life.

Dream Queens… what is it, and how did it get started?
I took care of a burn patient 6 years ago that suffered burns
to her face, hair and a lot of her body. Well 5 years later I was
told she wanted to meet me so of course I agreed. When she
saw me, she hugged me and told me "I still have the wig you
bought me!" I was left speechless and numb. Went to my car
to just sat there and cried. I was just so overwhelmed with
emotions, knowing how one act of kindness met so much
to someone many years later. So that's when I wanted to do
more. So I thought of the idea to have the best of our
community come and teach my female burn patients how
to put on make up so that they can feel beautiful again. And
who knows best??? Our Miami Drag Queens! So I went up to
my favorite Athena Dion.
I'll never forget how quick she said "YES YES YES IM IN!!!"...
Before I could even finish explaining my idea. And I warned her
by telling her "are you sure because this will change your life
forever?" And still she said YES!!!! And that's how Dream
Queens was started. Athena was so moved by what she did
from that one idea that she has now built something on her
own with the love and support of many that have caring hearts
to continue to share the love we gave to those girls. And since
Dream Queens have giving back with a toy drive for kids and
at local homeless shelter and recently another Glam Day with
the Lotus House which is a homeless shelter for abused
women and their children.

You have some amazing ink… Which was your first, how
many do you have, and what inspires you to get them?
Hahaha my first was the name of my first boyfriend of 4 years.
And yes it's now covered up. Tattoos for me is like Art. Many if
mine have a very special meaning.

3 things you never leave home without:
My cellphone, my keys and headphones.

I met logan in april of 2017.  He
approached me to join him at
Jackson Memorial Hospital Burn
Center to show makeup tips and
provide makeovers to his former
patients.  These women and
children suffered burn injuries and
the opportunity to help them feel
beautiful was too good to pass up!
Both Logan and i saw the amazing
response we received from the
patients and how much they
enjoyed the “glam day”  I decided
that I wanted to start an initiative
to do more events like this in the
community.  I Founded the Dream
Queens which is a group of local
drag queens and drag supporters
who together share love, light and
fabulosity to anyone going through
a tough patch in life or may want to add a little razzle dazzle to their event.  
Logan has been by my side for every dream queens charity event since that
day at the burn center.  He is very
passionate about helping others
and spreading love and creating
  - Athena Dion

How do you balance your Latino heritage and amazing foods,  
with healthy living and exercise? Any advice for the readers?
To be honest...Growing up as a family we rarely had the privilege
to eat out. It was always home cooking. Unless it was a birthday.
So now as an adult I rarely eat Mexican food unless it comes
from a family picnic. As for dieting... I try to eat right. But I was
always a skinny kid growing up. Everyone warned me to wait till
I hit 30... Well Aug I'll be 45 and I'm still fighting to keep the
weight on.

Where do you hope to be, and doing, in 5-10 years?
I'm sure I'll be married again and this time raising my own child
and of course working as a nurse and I hope to be teaching new
nurses all what I've learned over the many years. And of course
continue traveling with those that I love dearly. I will definitely
continue helping those in need wherever I can. It's funny when
I hear people tell me how they look up to me for all that I've
done over the years to help those in need. But to be honest..
I didn't help them. They helped me!.

I would wake up feel my scalp and
specifically ask Logan "where’s my
hair?” And he would tell me “honey
it burned off” I would feel down
and say I was growing it out so I
continued to ask questions like if
my hair would grow back Logan
soon told me he had a couple of friends that do shows and know where to
get hair the next time he came to work he handed me a wig tears of joy
came to my eye I thanked him he gave me another chance to feel beautiful
with his gift I promised to myself that when my hair grew I would cut it and
donate it and bless somebody else with the gift that Logan blessed me with
five years later I saw Logan and had to thank him for that blessing that
changed my live view out look and  perspective that there was still good
people out there so I thank Logan.               
 - Samantha Diaz

"Now that Dream Queens is up and running. I am thrilled that Athena is
running with it. I proud enough to be the reason that came to life... but
I wanna do more.  I have more ideas on how to help brain
is always coming up with solving solutions, like homeless or people
living  with HIV and struggling  to make ends meet. We help we free
food from many local restaurants in south beach.  Yes a lot is thrown
away due to expectation dates and some law, etc... so why not get an
average amount that gets thrown out...divide that in half and donate
it before it expires. That way people in need are helped, and the
restaurant gets to write it off as donation."

"I remember here at Ryder at 4am. Dunkin donuts always threw away
that days leftover donuts - where steps away there were homeless
sleeping. When I saw that i would ask to please give me a few bags full
and the girl that liked me there would and I'd give it to the homeless

Photographers Jorge Freire & Abel Cruz

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