Varla Jean Merman is an Essential Werker
The Drag Queen Comedian Performs Live This Weekend on GROWLr
By Shane Gallagher

Over 1100 people tuned in to watch drag superstar
Jackie Beat perform her one-woman show live on the
GROWLr app last weekend.

This Saturday at 9pm, the bear social network will
continue its live in-app programming with comedian
Varla Jean Merman.  She will take over the app with
her one-woman comedy show, performed live and in
full drag, from her home.

What makes these comedy shows extra special and
newsworthy is that they’re free!  No door fee or even
Venmo tips required.   Just as they did for Jackie last
week, GROWLR is footing the bill for Varla Jean
Merman’s appearance.  

“LGBTQ performers are an
important part of the fabric of
our community,” says Phil
Henricks, Senior Director of
Marketing at GROWLr.  “We
value them as artists and are
thrilled to compensate them
for their participation in our
Henricks adds.

We spoke with Ms. Varla Jean Merman earlier this week.

Have you always been popular with the bear
Varla Jean Merman:  Yes, I’m so lucky to say, I have
worked so many amazing bear events for decades
and I’ve tried to intimately show my thanks to as many
who would have me.

What is about furry men that you like most?
Varla Jean Merman:  As a kid, I was always attracted to
hairy men, even through the hairless 80s! Maybe it was
because I always had to shave for work. I stopped
shaving about eight years ago...well, besides my face.  
I truly love how a hairy man smells, most of all. All that
fur acts as a flavor saver.

Have you had any romantic experiences with bears?
Varla Jean Merman:  I have done something in my act
for years where I find a big bear and ask him to kiss
me on the cheek.   As he leans in to kiss me, I turn
my face and kiss him on the lips with my tongue. One
year at Lazy Bear, I found the hottest, biggest bear to
do this with but rather than being shocked, he just
kept kissing me. People were shouting “get a room!”
So, we did...

Do you hope to find your very own bear on this Saturday’s show?   
Varla Jean Merman:  I am so lucky that I have my own big Daddy bear!   But just because I’m chained to the porch, doesn’t mean I can’t
bark at the other dogs.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy while in quarantine?
Varla Jean Merman:  Drinking frozen margaritas. Oh, and I had a hip replacement yesterday. Not kidding!  I blame CrossFit and Cross

Will you discuss COVID19 in the show or is this an opportunity to forget the misery of the last two months?
Varla Jean Merman:  Let’s have a bit of escapism, shall we?

Varla Jean Merman performs her live from home one-woman comedy show this Saturday May 16 at 9pm.  It’s FREE on the GROWLr app.  

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