The Poverello Center, Inc. Announces the passing of Father Bill

Wilton Manors, Florida – The Poverello Center, Inc. announces the
passing of its founder, “Father Bill” who died comfortably in hospice
care last evening. Father Bill saw a need to provide food in the late
80’s for people with AIDS who at the time were dying in large numbers
without effective treatments. In a 1994 Sun Sentinel article by Michael
E Young, Father Bill was quoted as saying, “We’re given such a
magnificent opportunity, those of us at Poverello, to be able to be
caring persons.” May 20, 2017 represents the incorporation of The
Poverello Center as a non-profit 501c3, making this Poverello’s
30th year of providing service to the community.

Father Bill’s legacy continues today where Poverello announced

recently the company’s decision to serve any chronic/critically ill
persons in South Florida who are food insecure. The program is
part of the company’s strategy and commitment to improve nutritional
intake for people diagnosed with illnesses like cancer, diabetes, heart
disease, chronic kidney disease and HIV. Preliminary funding for this
expansion to illness groups in addition to HIV, has been generously
provided by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Poverello’s Eat Well Center offers healthy groceries chosen by

participants that make up around 21 meals per week depending
upon the participants’ choices. The healthy grocery lists include
clinically tailored items from all food groups, 32 servings of fresh
fruits and vegetables according to the medical needs of participants.
Nutritional Counseling, Support Group for People Newly Diagnosed
with HIV, Peer Programming and Cooking Classes are also offered
in their Be Well Programs. The Center also operates a Live Well
Center featuring a full gym, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic,
reiki and hair care free of charge to its participants.

The Poverello Center, Inc. is a national leader in providing

participant choice, clinically tailored, nutritionally balanced groceries.
An open house for the community to learn more about programs is scheduled for June 12, 2017 from 10AM – 7 PM at 2056 N Dixie
Highway, Wilton Manors, FL 33305.

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