www.ambiente.us  JULY / JULIO 2008

by Herb Sosa

                                                                                                          From what is his own Electribal sound,
a                                                                                                                           marriage of Tribal House with Electro
                                                                                                          House, Hector Fonseca has gone from
                                                                                                          the catwalk to DJ Superstardom, with
                                                                                                          him and his music's tribal sexiness and
                                                                                                          electronic edginess taking over the

                                                                                                          Fonseca's love for house music and
                                                                                                         exposure to the scene came by way
                                                                                                         of  his cousin, a local club DJ. in Latino
                                                                                                         New Jersey where they grew up. He fell
                                                                                                         in love with its unique rhythm, vibe and
                                                                                                          scene in the late 90s, while modeling in
                                                                                                          New York, Fonseca was drawn to the
                                                                                                          city's underground dance scene and
                                                                                                          the sounds of Club 69, Eddie Baez and
                                                                                                          Junior Vasquez - all which can be
                                                                                                          heard as inspiration in his music today.

                                                                                                          Dividing his time between homes in
                                                                                                          NYC and Toronto, he recently won
                                                                                                          huge accolades for his work at New
                                                                                                          York, Montreal and Toronto Pride,
                                                                                                          Carnival in Brazil and fashion shows for
                                                                                                          top designers Victor Alfaro and Jil
                                                                                                          Stuart in New York, just to name a few.

“Club goers are growing tired of hearing the same five songs played by the same
five DJs,” he confirms. “They are ready for something new. I'm not just a DJ. I am a
re-mixer, writer and producer. So I try to present things in a way that gives the
audience what they want but with a sound they might not necessarily be  
familiar with.”                                                                                   
- Hector Fonseca

H.S. What took you from the world of modeling to music production?  Any regrets?
H.F. The transition was inevitable and easy. I went clubbing a lot when I modeled and knew I wanted to be
behind the scenes and create some of that amazing music I was hearing at places like Twilo and Tunnel.  I
was really young and broke so a traditional studio wasn't an option for me. Thankfully digital programs came
around and I was able to get started for only a couple hundred bucks. I can't say I have regrets. I'm very happy
with my choices.

H.S. Hector, If you could pick one production that defines you & your sound so far, what is it and why?
H.F. The thing with me is, I never approach a project the same way. I am not one of those producers that milks
a successful formula. That being the case, I can't say that one single production defines me. They are all
unique in their own way. If anything, I have to say that my stuff always has a fresh and sexy attitude about it
and that's what defines me.

Electribal: “It’s an added edge that I can call my own. It's something I've been
doing for a while and something that seems to be catching on now.”
- Hector Fonseca

H.S.  What is it that a D.J. needs to know about his/her crowd?  How do you read them?
H.F. Every crowd is different. I think Ipods® really changed what a D.J. does because people became used to
hearing whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.  So as a D.J., the hard thing to do is to have your own
unique sound and vibe while pleasing most of the people on the dance floor. It's not something that everyone
can do or that is easy these days.

I've been working with Peter Rauhofer’s Star 69 Records from the beginning. So I've
pretty much been considered one of their artists for a while now. Signing the deal
just means that it's official. I have a follow up to my single for "U Want It" with Alan
T., New York Club Anthems     Vol 3 and an original album coming this year with
them so it's exciting!                                                                         
- Hector Fonseca

H.S. You recently came to Miami to promote your New York Club Anthems Vol. 2, on Star 69.  How does
Miami's vibe compare to other cities you visit?
H.F. Miami is great. People come to Miami to relax and play. So the vibe to me is always fun and uninhibited. I
always unwind in Miami and have plenty of stories to tell about fun times here. I'm back at Score on Lincoln
Rd. on July 4th. It will be a blast as usual!

H.S.  I know your cousin was an early influence for you as a D.J.  Are you close to your family?  Are they
supportive of your work?
H.F. I'm pretty close with my family. Because of my travels, I haven't been able to see them as much lately but
we stay in touch for sure. They support what I do and ask me about it. They don't do much club going so they
don't know it first hand but they know it's my passion and are totally supportive. My cousins play my CD's in
their car so that's pretty cool.

H.S.  Does all of this work spinning, producing, traveling, etc. leave any time for a personal life?  Is there a
significant other in your life?
H.F. These days its tough juggling work and a personal life - I am often working on something when I'm not
traveling for gigs. I do have friends in most of the cities I travel to so my personal life has become an
international one.  As for that special someone, I am still looking. It's hard meeting someone that can relate to
and handle what I do and that are secure enough with themselves to be supportive of my career. Until I find
that person, I am single and having fun!

H.S.  What would you tell a young Latino gay boy or girl wanting to get into the business?  Any advice?  What
about the modeling business?
H.F. As far as the modeling business, I can't say I would recommend it unless you just want to have a lot of
fun for a few years and move on. Men don't make a lot of money modeling, women do. The music business
can be tough and is not for everyone. You have to really love doing this and willing to sacrifice a lot and take
the good with the bad. But if you truly love music and it drives you then go for it! If you do, learn your craft well
and respect those who have paved the way for you.

“My image is important to me but it is not what drives me,” he says. “I understand
it’s something people can grab onto and relate to but my true fans see me as an
artist focused on cutting edge, sexy, thought provoking beats. If my image
introduces them to that sound and helps win some new fans that wouldn't
normally know my sound, then I am happy with that. My music is my future."
Hector Fonseca

H.S. Tell me about your
remix of Jahkey B.’s
“Heartattack”, arguably
one of your most beloved
mixes to date, and what
it meant to you.
H.F.  Heartattack was the
first mix where I really just
went for it. I knew it had
to be an anthem and so
I worked my ass off to make
sure it was where it needed
to be. It opened a lot of
doors for me and won me
a lot of fans both in the D.J.
booth and on the floor. I
still want to play it every
time I D.J. but know that
would just be too

H.S. Where do you see yourself
in the near future?   ...And
H.F.  I see myself doing a lot of
different things. I want put out
a few albums, more
compilations and play around
with different styles and genres.
I'm still somewhat new to music
production (about 5 years) so
my best stuff is yet to come.  
The next couple of years I will
focus more on original
productions and not as many

H.S. Tell me about NYC CLUB
ANTHEMS 3.  What should we
expect?  Will you be bringing it
to Miami?
H.F. For volume 3, I'm taking the New York and Star 69 sound internationally. I have played so many big
parties around the world since the last one and held a residency at Work in NYC so you will hear all of that in
this compilation. It will definitely be a bigger sound and will reflect a typical set of mine in New York and
abroad. I have some of Star 69's biggest hits of the past year along with new unreleased jams that will be hot
this next year. I will be previewing it in Miami for sure.  The CD is released in August of 2008 on Star 69


FAME – Addictive
GOOD LOOKS – Obsession
SUCCESS – Necessary
MEN – Fun
WHEN I DREAM, I DREAM OF... - escaping city life
I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED (how) - creative, passionate and thought provoking
Hector Fonseca will be in South Beach's SCORE Club for 4th of July, so go tell him you saw him in Ambiente
Thank you to Hector Fonseca & Jeff Dorta of Project Publicity for making this interview possible.

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Cuban-American, community activist, Miami historian, preservationist and freelance writer, Herb Sosa is a founding
member and Director of Unity Coalition/Coalición Unida, a non-profit focused on minority political & social empowerment.  
He is also Editor-In-Chief of Ambiente Magazine, a Latino/Hispanic focused LGBT publication and regularly offers public
speaking, leadership and political empowerment training workshops.

Sosa served as chairman of Miami Beach's Historic Preservation Board for over six years, and has served on the Board
of Directors of the Miami Design Preservation League, Dade Heritage Trust, Miami Beach Community Development Corp.,
Shelbourne & Fernwood HIV/AIDS Housing, and variety of other organizations throughout South Florida.        

In 1995 Mr. Sosa created and developed the Ba-Balú Store concept in Miami & Miami Beach, celebrating Cuban heritage
thru art, cigars, music and unique giftware, and earning the store the unique distinction of being named one of Conde N’
ast Traveler Magazines top 100 destinations in the world in 1996.        

In January 2004, Herb Sosa was named one of Tentaciónes Magazines Top Ten Latina/o activists in the U.S. and in 2005
was named one of OUT magazines Top 100 LGBT Activists and featured on LOGO TV.  In summer 2006, Orgulloboriqua.
net named Sosa one of their Orgullo Del Momento - Pride of the Moment- recipient and on April 2008 Sosa was named
Terra.com's Activist of the Month.

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