Unique, Hot & Exclusively
Flower Bar | Miami

The Euphoria Lactea
is a hybrid that is bred  
between a succulent
and a cactus.

$55 in store
delivery is $10

9612 NEw 2nd Avenue,
Miami Shores, FL 33138

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People for the
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70's Inspired
The Best Parking Spots
in South Beach
Parking in South Beach is physically taxing,
mentally exhausting and wallet-ally
expensive. Did we mention it's also not
fun? So, in our ongoing effort to improve
the quality of your Miami life, we've
scoured the city for the greatest (and, in
some cases, most secretive) alcoves to
store your ride for the night.   

NYC | Commissioning Your Own Portrait
I'm ready for my close-up- are you?
LES artist Antony Zito will be creating watercolor portraits of whoever walks by
Gallery Bar in NYC for the next few
weeks, in exchange for whatever you
think its worth to you.
Drop the full hundred bucks and you'll get
a chance to win a five-foot version of
your portrait, and who doesn't need THAT
in their living room?.  

Late nights and Sundays at Gallery Bar
120 Orchard Street, NYC

Have you heard? GLOSSgear has gone WILD!!!
Check out their latest designs.  They'll bring out the animal in you.

The brainchild of Fashionista Designers Deanna Gonzalez &
Annette Gaetan, GLOSSgear is about what is hot and new.  
Setting trends - not following them.

“As avid designer purse collectors, we have both dedicated much of our time and
income to finding the perfect purse, only to find several of  our friends with the same
purses whenever we go out.  We decided that limited edition designs at affordable
prices was a much needed and  unavailable market in purses and accessories”,
said GLOSSgear co-founder Annette Gaetan. “We have developed a line that is
unique,  exclusive to GLOSSgear, and we are getting a great response from
celebrities, boutiques, stylists and locals, from South Beach to  Manhattan, and are
thrilled to be featured in PEOPLE en Español Magazine” added co-founder and
designer Deanna Gonzalez.  “We are  also very excited to be debuting our line of
wearable art Tees and accessories this season” added Gonzalez.  
ABOUT GLOSSgear® Clutches are limited edition pieces with all original artwork.  

Available in over two dozen dazzling designs, they are made of poly-plastic with  vinyl
exterior that is durable and waterproof.  Some designs are
embellished with Swarovski crystals.  Purse is lined in black fabric with a  small
pocket. Optional shoulder strap is included.

Allow 1-2 weeks delivery. Custom images are also available.

Contact GLOSSgear® today at 786-306-6004 or at  

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