Love & Hip Hops Miami's Out & Proud breakout star is much more than Trina's cousin...
Get ready, world!

by Herb Sosa

“I can rap. I got bars. I got talent. I got skills."

Love & Hip Hop Miami is the latest installment in

the Love & Hip Hop franchise on VH1, and one of
the cast members, Bobby Lytes, is here to change
the perception that he can’t make hip hop music
because he’s gay.

“A lot of people think I am the typical gay guy,” said

the Miami native in his new meet-the-cast video.
“I grew up in some of the roughest parts of Miami.
I had to find a type of therapy, and that was music
for me. I came from nothing.”

“I can rap. I got bars. I got talent. I got skills,”

he added.

What was it like for you to grow up in South
Florida (where?), and what was it like?
I grew up in Homestead, FL.. I was a journey
for sure. I would get in to trouble or fights just
for me being who I am but I always had a
supportive family.

At what age did you come out, and what was
that like with family, friends?

When you are not preforming or recording,
what music – other than your own – do you
enjoy listening to?
Kehlani, Trina, City Girls

Who are your artistic inspirations?
Trina, Beyonce, Rhianna

3 things you NEVER leave home without?
Highlighter, rose water, and money

Where does love fit in to your life, with career,
fame, success, family, etc…
You will have to stay tuned to the show to find out.

It is difficult to date Bobby Lytes? What do you look for in a partner?
It can be, I can be a very, very passionate person, and I am always on the road, or in the studio.

My favorite food is…
Tacos, every city I go to and anytime we are in LA I have to get tacos lol.
I have a contract with Flea Market USA in Miami and I swear I'm on board
because they have the best tacos in the city

Tell us about how you got on Love & Hip Hop Miami?
Felisha Monet with 99 Jamz, she was involved in the
casting and recommended me.

What is the BEST and WORST thing about being on
reality TV?
The best part is you have a platform to share you journey
and  music with the world. The worst part is we are
human and will make mistakes in front of the world and
the world thinks thats who I am. Last season I slapped
my ex on camera, while we were on a press run LA, we
went to Roscoe's chicken and waffles, and the hostess
started giving me a lecture about me slapping him.
Thats something I have to live with.

Anyone you can do WITHOUT on the show, and why?
We all have a groups. I love everyone, but Prince is one
I super tight with. We  even started our on Podcast lol.

What lessons have you
learned in Music and Fame,
that you would like to share
with others starting out?
Be true to you and be careful
what you do in this industry.
It's super small and it will always
come back to you.

If you could do something different from your past,
what would it be?
Not slapping my ex at least not on tv lol.

Tell us about talent in Miami. Is there a music scene? Nightlife, tv & production? Thats a loaded question. There is  for sure a music
scene. WE have Rollin Loud, concerts, all the clubs you can stand lol ABFF,  Miami is a vibe.

What do you want to tell young LGBT people wanting to get into the business?
Always live in your truth. Be who you are and the people that need to be in your life will. Never be who others want you be. It's to much
work. Be you, its only one of you!

here do you see yourself in 10 years? Personally & Professionally?
Doing shows overseas, acting, and with my own makeup line/ make up wipes. I want to do so much.

What do people get wrong – misunderstand or don’t understand – about you?
People think I am messy, I try to mind my business I swear.

When and where can we see you performing live, and when is Love & Hip Hop Miami coming back on?
I am consistently doing shows, and getting booked. I'm always announcing them on my ig @BobbyLytes. As far as Love and Hip Hop
Miami, sooner than you think :) stay tuned.

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