World’s mega-famous transsexual returns to the dance floor
By William Cooke

Amanda Lepore’s new e.p., LEPORE., was no
easy feat.  From start to finish, it took over five
years to complete.

Amanda and her team knew they could not simply
duplicate the achievements of “I…Amanda Lepore,”
her acclaimed 2011 album debut that featured the
smash hits, “My Hair Looks Fierce,” “Turn Me Over” “
Cotton Candy,” “Champagne” and “My Pussy”.  

“We had to figure out the perfect equation to really
showcase Amanda‘s devilish side and capture her
million-watt personality,” explains producer

According to Bill Coleman from Peace Bisquit, the
label releasing the e.p., their aim was to marry
Amanda’s love of Hollywood glamour and vintage
bombshells with a fearless kick up your Louboutins
humor and a showgirl-worthy groove. “The album
needed just the right amount of camp that would
compliment the canon of classics Amanda performs
in her nightclub shows,” he says, adding  “We think
we nailed it.  We’re excited for fans to hear the next
evolution of music from the hardest working gal in

We spoke with Amanda Lepore from her Manhattan

What inspired the LEPORE. e.p.?
Amanda Lepore: Traveling around the world and
meeting my fans inspired LEPORE. I have been performing more live shows lately and I wanted to be able to add new songs to my act. It
has been a long time since I released new music.

How would you describe the overall sound?
Amanda Lepore: Sexy, flirty and fun! LEPORE. is a fabulous little party for your ears.

What is its main message?
Amanda Lepore: To always love your beautiful, sexy and glamorous self.

How does LEPORE. build from the “I…Amanda Lepore” album?
Amanda Lepore: My music continues to be that happy place. “I…Amanda Lepore” was the perfect batch of songs to release first. The new
songs have a more retro / burlesque meets kiki feel to them.  They are perfect for today’s fans. Cheers to my musical collaborators who
worked hard to captured the energy I wanted to deliver in this new e.p.

Has the club scene changed in the last seven years since “I…Amanda Lepore”?
Amanda Lepore: There are always new club kids on the scene but they do their thing and I do mine.   I never follow trends.  I create them.  
The songs on the album are not really what they’re playing at most clubs…yet.

Let’s break the songs down, beginning with “My Panties”.  How would you describe the track?
Amanda Lepore: “My Panties” was co-written with Cazwell, my bestie who I’ve collaborated with on so many songs. He really gets me and
truly knows how to write the songs I love. When we decided the musical direction for LEPORE., Cazwell and I went into the studio with NY
indie producer and songwriter, Knifekick, to lay down the retro-ish foundation that became “My Panties.”

What inspired you to recreate David Bowie’s “The Jean Genie” and how does your version differentiate from the original?
Amanda Lepore: "The Jean Genie" is one of my favorite songs of all time. I love, love, love David Bowie. I had been performing a karaoke
version of "The Jean Genie" in many of my shows for so long.  I simply thought it was time to cover the song and record it as a tribute to
my favorite artist.

That leads to “Too Drunk To Fu*k”.
Amanda Lepore: My manager, Bill Coleman found “Too Drunk To Fu*k” for me. It was written by the Aussie DJ/Producer/Songwriter twins,
NERVO who recently scored a Top 10 pop hit with “Best Friend” featuring Sofi Tukker.  The producer on that track is RedTop, who I
collaborated with on “Convertible,” my duet with Mya from “I..Amanda Lepore”. We recorded several different versions over the years but
could never get it quite right. It finally clicked when we decided to take it an almost ’60’s, go-go box direction; as a throwback that was
more in line with the rest of the e.p.

What do you want fans to take away from LEPORE.?
Amanda Lepore: I want them to love it, dance to it and sing it over and over again.

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