Born in Habana, Cuba, raised and educated in the United States, Gina Sosa accomplished a Masters of Business Administration from
Florida International University, Executive MBA program, and a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy of Law from Saint
Peter’s College in New Jersey.

After a successful eighteen- year career in a Fortune 500 Corporation, working across Latin America and the United States.  Gina decided
to be involved in real estate investments, and in the banking and lending industry, dealing with commercial, construction, developer
projects, and residential.  More recently, a proud Ambassador of the Immigrant Archive Project, Gina has developed more personal
projects through her own film production company, producing and directing documentary-movie about the untold story of pre-1959
Constitutional Armed Forces of Cuba; seen through the lens of human rights and the impact of real people’s life’s.  She achieved and
accomplished her first two trailers and completed her short documentary film phase I of The Sun Rises on the Truth.  

“I am a human rights activist!”  Any government who discriminates or oppresses their people, as in the case of my homeland, Cuba.  In
the business world, I sometimes encountered discrimination against the LGBT community.  This prompted me to be involved with Log
Cabin Republicans in 1992 and when Miami kicked off the LCR Miami Chapter, without planning it, in 2013 became their Treasurer and
Vice-President in 2015.  I am the Committeewoman for the Republican Executive Committee of Miami -Dade County, my involvement is to
educate on the importance of inclusion.

Gina thrives on the pursuit of excellence, she is multifaceted on her vision and passion to create and produce films with real life stories.  
As a filmmaker Gina, decided to honor both her father’s and mother’s surname’s as it is part of the Hispanic culture.   Gina now as a
community leader has announced her candidacy for Florida’s Congressional District 27.

Why run now?
With the retirement of Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, my district cannot afford to have a vacuum of leadership, nor allow our Congressional
representation to fall in the hands of someone out of touch with my communities’ values and principles. We need to make sure that
District 27, being so diverse, has a Representative that will fight for more jobs and better education as much as she will fight for human

What are you most passionate about (politically)?
I’m a Cuban political exile. I’ve seen what communism has done to a country. I’m most passionate about human rights. I’m a freedom
fighter. Miamians need to carry the torch and fight for human rights across the board: Cubans, minorities, women, and gays.

3 issues you hope to influence/work on in DC.
- I’ll prioritize national security, first. That’s our federal government’s foremost responsibility. If you don’t have safety and security…you don’
t have freedom or liberty.
· Second: human rights. Speaking as a minority woman, the United States government needs to stop using our differences to divide us.
Our differences should unite us and make us stronger. Enough of racial politics. Human rights are an American value It’s not a partisan
· Also, it’s the economy. We need a tax system that benefits middle class America and small businesses.

What is the best & worst parts about running for Congress?
Best: Making sure that my community has proper representation in DC!
Worst: The mudslinging that will inevitably pursue by entering into this race. Politics is a dirty game, and I like to stay clean. However, I’ll
get dirty to serve my community.

The administration and Republican party are at odds with many issues affecting minorities, women and the LGBT community. How
do you personally balance that with your own life & beliefs?
Because this is District 27! Those politicians who vote strictly on party lines don’t represent this community! My community is not just
about being a Republican or a Democrat. No elected official today who’s affiliated with the left or the right can really look at the people and
not the party. I am a Republican, but my community is a beacon of hope for the rest of the country. The left and the right need to come
together. Rights for minorities, women, and the LGBT community are American values. Just as strong national security and a prosperous
economy are American values. The people of District 27 understand this.    

Many in our community don’t understand the concept of Log Cabin Republicans (gay republicans). Would you like to help explain the
mission and purpose?
The mission and purpose of Log Cabin Republicans makes so much sense because Americans aren’t just gay, they aren’t just
republican, they aren’t just Democrats. First and foremost, we’re all American. Log Cabin Republicans embrace diversity amongst
conservatives and the LGBT community and allies. That’s a value that Representatives like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Carlos Curbelo
have championed. That’s a value that the Miami citizens support. Sadly, it’s not a value that enough elected officials – nor any of my
opponents on the left or the right – will champion.

3 things you will take to DC with you
My Cuban Heritage, My Love for America and Continue to fight for Human Rights for all citizens.

What do you hope your bio will say, 20 years from now
She was a true freedom fighter for all the people; especially, all minority’s and championed controversial issues to educate society that
we are all children of one God.

What advice do you have for a teenage Gina – today?
The same advise:  Lead with integrity, honesty and common sense.

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