KIMBERLY DAVIS | White Party 2018
by Herb Sosa

Tell me about the legacy of Chic, and what it means
to you?
Well one reason for not only my love of Chic but my love
for disco is because Chic’s
Dance Dance Dance was
the first disco song that I actually “got”. Then moving on
to the others hits. “Chic Cheer”, “My forbidden lover” and
“I want your Love” ( my fav) I was officially a Chic fan.
Who would have thought that an opportunity would come
for me to share the stage with Nile Rodgers and Chic....
for the past ten years.

What is your earliest memory of wanting to be a
Please! The minute I could talk I was singing. So from
two years old it was always “ let the baby sing!”  I loved
pretending to perform on stage and then actually
performing in school plays. The movie “FAME” was all
the incentive I needed to know that’s what I wanted to
do all during the day as well as at home. Thanks Mom!!!

You toured with Earth, Wind & Fire… Now Cher. How
does that feel?
Touring with Earth, Wind and Fire was like being on the
road with family. All the talent on all of the stages we
performed on were overwhelming every night. Having
Cher ASK to have Chic join her on her tour is AWESOME
SAUCE!!! All I can think about is how FABULOUS that
tour is gonna be.  

How has this changed your life, family and
relationships? What have you learned about fame?
Yes there are some changes that have taken place.
Like limited family time which is the most important.
I try to have my man around me as much as he can
stand the “tourlife”. And special moments with kids and
family when I’m home. There’s also opportunities to
see distant family when we travel which is the best.
Throughout my years of singing I always had a 9-5
which I “retired” from the minute I started singing with
Nile. THAT was definitely a leap of faith. Whose walking
away from benefits and a 401K plan??!!!!!

Friends....I’ve learned not to use that word so freely. I’ve definitely lost a few of THOSE. But it only means they weren’t friends in the first

3 things you never leave home without:
Since my life is mostly on and off of a flight
Blanket and pillow
Ricola cough drops
My personalized flask
Mini speakers
Phone charger
I could go on......

Favorite food?

Not for nothing but I attract the whole community lol. Friends,  family members
and my music have brought me into the LGBT way before they even had a
proper name for it. I just love a BALL!! I live for all the “Houses”. I’m old
school so Ive spent a lot of time in the clubs and on Christopher street in the
village getting my life watching dancers vogue and I also learned how to beat
my face from the only Queen. HELLO!                         
 - Kimberly Davis

What do you tell a young black girl today, looking at you? What advice?
I would tell a young black lady to master her craft whatever it may be. Dont  take the shortcut work hard for it, it’s better that way.
Be fierce! But stay humble.

In 20 years, what do you hope Kimberly Davis will be doing, or will mean to the world?
n 20 years? Dam hopefully I’ll be sitting down somewhere drinking a Bloody Mary at noon! LOL.  I want to be remembered and talked
about as the person that I am. I’ve been singing from the womb.  It was my passion and it was Gods gift and hopefully I gave a few people
the chills when I relayed my story in song.

What can your fans expect at the WHITE PARTY from you & your performance?
A whole lot of FUN and FASHION!!

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