Moving into Thanksgiving Weekend, Care Resource will be hosting their annual White Party
and auxiliary events. For 25 years, White Party is recognized worldwide and within the LGBT
community as the largest and oldest HIV/AIDS fundraisers. This and every Thanksgiving
weekend, Care Resource “engages our community through community gatherings such as
health fairs, and advisory groups, as volunteers, and as participants at various fundraising

Rick Siclari and the Care Resource staff have dedicated a kind of energy into the Care
Resource project that many organizations strive for years to foster. During times like these,
when we are faced with a deteriorated economy and fluctuating health care system, our
focus tends to become increasingly self-serving.  However, our community cannot look
forward to overcoming this, or any hurdle, if the focus is not redirected to the causes and
organizations that motivate change and improve our quality of life.

AMBIENTE Magazine encourages its readers to participate in some capacity with this year’s
White Party. This Thanksgiving, we thank Rick Siclari and the Care Resource staff for the
number of lives they help save every year.

For more about Care Resource, visit

Full List of White Party Week Events

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increased by more than $7 million.
There is no doubt that his vision and
program methodology have exceeded
the expectations of the community over
20 years ago – when the reality of
HIV/AIDS was scarcely addressed,
especially within the LGBT community.
Considering the current state of the
economy, it is a tiring struggle for any
non-profit organization to go after
Federal grant monies and support. The
guidelines are much more stringent and
the process far more tedious,
considering the depletion of resources
in the last few years. Fortunately, Care
Resource has not been privy to the
consequences of a deteriorating
economy – at least not in an
overwhelming capacity.
As a result of excellent leadership, Care
Resource has recently been granted a
new Federally Qualified Health Center
grant, allowing them to focus on
healthcare needs and serve the
community more broadly. While many
organizations are experiencing cuts and
diminishing staff, Siclari is looking to
develop specific expertise and tools to
meet the requirements of this grant by
hiring new staff and launching new
facilities.  NOVEMBER | NOVIEMBRE 2009

Rick Siclari – 20 years of Leadership
by Vanessa Brito

For almost 20 years, Rick Siclari has devoted his energy to revolutionizing an
organization that today has become a comprehensive center for those suffering with
HIV/AIDS. As executive director of Care Resource, Siclari leads one of the few
organizations in South Florida that focuses on improving health and social services for
the LGBT community.

While many community organizations focus predominantly on legislation and human
rights, Care Resource continues to expand its reach to communities that unfortunately
are disproportionately affected with HIV/AIDS. After merging with a small non-profit
research organization in 1998, Care Resource was created, adding medical care and
social services at the same time.

Siclari’s vision for Care Resource was to provide a package of services, making it
easier and more efficient for clients who continue to seek assistance. By packaging
their services, Care Resource has been increasingly successful in securing more
support and funding.

Through Siclari’s leadership at Care Resource, the agency’s annual budget has
Over time, working with affected persons pushes organizations like Care Resource to
recognize that their responsibility to the community extends beyond providing care for
persons who have already been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. One of Care Resource’s main
goals is to instill prevention and education training within their programs. While the
organization has been built to address the needs of diagnosed persons, Siclari recognizes
that the best solution is to help prevent the disease from spreading all together.

“At Care Resource, our goal is to provide an environment which is      
welcoming to all, and does so without judging anyone,”
- Rick Siclari.

For those living with HIV/AIDS, the first step becomes acceptance and understanding that
there are steps that must be taken to maintain their quality of life. By pushing for an
environment that is positive and open, Siclari hopes that most clients will find the best
healthcare solutions possible over time.

In the next several years, Siclari hopes to expand the capacity of Care Resource to serve the
broadest possible communities in need, especially in the LGBT community. By doing this,
he hopes to create not only a “sustainable vision for this future, but sustainable funding and
support to see it through the next several decades.”
Dealing with healthcare needs is a feat all on its own, especially now with the national
debate over public options and coverage. It can be argued that the responsibility of providing
assistance and education falls on organizations like Care Resource in the interim. For
these organizations it becomes a way to help persons in need not lose hope or faith as a
result of their condition. Luckily, Scilari is determined to create a real comprehensive center
of excellence for prevention, early intervention, and treatment services for the LGBT
community across Miami-Dade and Broward in the next 5-10 years.

While Care Resource is already providing a phenomenal package of services, their aim is
to expand and reach more persons over time. With Siclari’s unrelenting leadership and
dedication coupled with the work of the Care Resource Board, the growth of the agency is
certainly guaranteed.

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