MANUEL SKYE | It's never too late to start over
by George Regz

When the stars aligned for Manuel Skye at 37,
he took a leap of faith into the adult industry
and a year later has emerged as one of the
most on-demand actors in the game.

Tell us a bit about yourself, birthday, sign,
nationality, how it was growing up at home:
Manuel is my real first name. I am based in
Montreal, Canada and I was born in a small
city called Rimouski 6 hours away for there.
I'm a Taurus & Piscies mix, so very sexual &
directive soul, but also creative & intuitive I'm
turning 40 in 2019, really happy to represent
aging as evolving, healthier than ever, mastery
of the body & mind in constant progress. I
grew up in a very loving and supportive family;
amazing parents ahead of there time, and
amazingly open minded towards life, self
respect, believing in humans full potential.

I was born a very sexual
being indeed, so being in
the industry was a wish of
mine for the longest time.
After turning down many
offers, I finally agreed to
it at 37 when the stars
aligned perfectly. I'm
happy I waited, for I now
have much broader
knowledge & skills aside
from porn that helps me
being more confident,
appreciative, organized
& successful in it.

As soon as I started I was tagged as a
"Daddy" or "Zaddy" (a young one). I really like
it since it definitely depict my nurturing and
coaching side, which is needed a lot from me
by my fans & the younger models I work with.
This is absolutely also the most positive
outcome if it, to reach an audience and make
them feel good. It is an amazing tribune to
help the Gay community to find their true
selves. Each week I receive a message or email on how by imprinting themselves with the energy I diffuse, they were able to either
get out of the closet or get out of dark period of their lives. That for me priceless. And this is why on social media I will always give you the
real Manuel, not some kind of character.

Of course as a public person in the 2000's, you are exposed to some comments of some people who feel that its appropriate to project
their own fear or life choices onto us on my own social media. But I answer, or not, with dignity and then delete and block; just to get the
message through without leaving a negative imprint. So may it be clear, as a porn actors and free thinking beings, no one is to impose or
force their ideas on to us. Don't tell me I should bottom cause I'm flexible or have embodied both feminine & masculine energy. Worse,
don't leave any bad comments about anyone or try to compare us. All porn stars are ponies with glitter, with big open hearts & we all
wanna fuck each other in the end!

Prior to the adult industry what career path(s) were you on? Explain how one thing lead to the other?
I worked in the fashion industry for 16 years, in visuals & styling. Later on started to teach Yoga which lead me to Aerials & Acrobatics. My
path into fashion was necessary for me to understand the business & marketing aspects or porn, to envision it like a brand & visual art.
These very technicalities are also enhanced by the mastery of acrobatics which I enjoy to fuse into my #ArtPorn.

Scattered throughout your social media theres yoga and what seems to be a spiritual side to you, elaborate on this and...
Indeed my family is very spiritual, even my grandparents from both sides were gifted with clairvoyance, healing and many other "Divine
Powers" which all humans are capable of. I personally started my spiritual studies in my early 20's. Premonitory Astral travels is was
ignited the journey. I studied real hard & explored all these potentials for long years, till I reached a certain level where my access to the
divine consciousness was well established. Now I can focus more helping others to nurture this side of themselves.

Most of your posts show off your greatest assets; A fun, charming, care-free personality-- but What are your pet peeves? Worst
habit? Does Manuel Skye even have a dark side?
Absolutely agreed. I believe that if you don't allow yourself to get crazy, life will be very boring & in box.

If I don't have enough rest, you will find me impatient & irritable. Lucky
enough I can recognize the sings, so I will do breathing exercise when my
tolerance gets to zero & retract into my bubble before so I don't get into that
state. I'm also capable of so much love, but don't abuse it, cause you don't
wanna be on my bad side indeed. For anyone to become a warrior of light, it
means that the real warrior lies within, mostly imprinted from past lives, so
don't awaken the fighter in us or you'll have to face your own demons real

How do your friends and family feel about you making adult films? Has this affected any of your relationships professionally or

Everyone was very supportive since the beginning. They know I could not be happier then fucking all the most beautiful men around the
globe. Knowing me, they were certain it was genuine, and that I would aim for quality and an artistic expression. In 2018 pretty much
everyone thinks it's a "cool" thing to do, so we get a lot of praise for having the guts to to it. In terms of potential boyfriends, well it was
clear for a few years anyway that I could never be monogamous. My dick and my heart are two different entities lol, and the human heart is
capable of infinite & different kinds of love.

What lifestyle changes have you made since joining the industry? Are you dating? Does one develop a sex addiction while working in
this industry?  
I had to adapt to a life on the road balance with enough at home time or days off. Being a free lancer & multidisciplinairy is a lot of
organization & time management especially with rehearsals. But I ask the universe to synchronise everything to perfection. Having a life
shared with the public, I still find that it's precious to maintain a certain privacy on personal aspect, so if I'd be dating I would not
showcase or advertise it. In the end, no addiction lol I just assume fully that I'm a very sexual person & like to surround me with that same
vibe in bed.

When I finally get some free time a watch comedy, laughter is my get away.

With the 'Only fans app' becoming "a thing" how has that affected you, the industry, and your interaction with fans?
It makes it fun as we can actually appeal to two different kind of audience's tastes. Being able to create your own pairing is also fun.
Although only fans content is just a natural flow, I aim to build that kind of chemistry on every single porn set.

Since you're on the road frequently what are 3 items you must never leave home without...? Favorite destination so far, and whats
with the traveling kitty?
Number 1, lots of new and hot underwear/swimwear, I never know when a shoot will be added to my schedule.

As for number 2, you got it right! "Mia 2" the travelling kitty that was offered to me by a dear friend who knew I was missing my cat so much
when I'm on the road. It started as a fun thing, and she followed me almost everywhere ever since, from the fancy restaurants to hystorical
places. It's a bit like me doing a handstand and a split in every city I go to. This is how I imprint my energy around the world, like saying I
was there.

Number 3, The last thing that I always carry are my wrist wraps & my roisin, to protect wrist due to my crazy handstand addiction. The
roisin is the sticky power I use not to slip if I feel like handstanding on a ledge or a rail. ����‍♂️

In your opinion what is the dorkiest thing and the sexiest thing about you and what you look for in a significant other?
My dorky side comes from being a papa cat to a very vocal one. So I will meow at times to answer questions or to express my state of
being. If you spend enough time with me I assure you that you end up meowing back at me!

The sexiest, according to almost everyone is my flexibility mixed with the muscle control. It triggers so many possibilities in people's brain.

I always seek for the vibe first, if it's aligned/balanced & worked, it comes already package with a healthy way of life, a certain strength
mentally & physically, confidence & general well being.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Definitely still doing porn, probably even more infused with my other erotic arts, poetry, music, aerials & acrobatics.

I definitely want to focus on life/Spiritual coaching more via my You Tube Channel. I try to post regularly on it, but I'm so so busy with porn
itself at the moment. There are so many things that are not thought to the kids that are part of what the younger generations needs to
learn. They just don't know where to turn to have someone who have similar beliefs & experience of life. I had the honor to have an
amazing spiritual coach for years. This will benefit to all the people from any generation that are awakend or in the process of getting the
control of creating their own lives aligned with the divinity within. That is also why I like to refer to porn actors as Sex God's. Sexual energy
is healthy when flowing freely, so sex and their workers have to be praised.

Where can we get more Manuel Skye?  

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