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New Book by Carlos T. Mock | Cuba Libre! Mentirita

The Cuba Libre ("Free Cuba") is a cocktail made of Cola, lime, and rum. This cocktail is
often referred to as a Rum and Coke in the United States and Canada, where the lime
juice is optional. Bacardi claims ownership of the original, while some have also
claimed it for Havana Club. It seems unlikely, however, that anyone could safely identify
the first individual to combine rum and Coca-Cola-when seven or eight individuals lay
claim to the creation of the Margarita, a far more complex drink-let alone identify the
brand. Both the cocktail and its name remain politically loaded due to the history and
current status of Cuba-United States relations. The situation is further complicated by
Bacardi's political involvement in Cuba. Cuba Libre is sometimes called "Mentirita"
("little lie") by Cuban exiles opposed to the current Communist government run by Fidel
Castro, as a comment that Cuba is currently not free. Cuba Libre "Mentirita" is a history
book. It is a different kind of history book in that it focuses on the Afro-Cuban population
of the country. It traces its roots and attempts to explore their concept of "freedom".
Whereas, for some, Cuba is not free, for others it is-if they define their freedom as not
being dominated by the white race. This is a Cuban history book filled with firsthand
accounts and anecdotes-and takes the reader through Cuba's history from José Martí to
the present regime. "In Cuba Libre, Carlos Mock makes a strong impression with an
immensely readable, fact filled history of the land that is making news lately.
His novelistic skills are apparent in his
characterization and his often suspenseful
narration. This is THE book about Cuba you must
read." Felice Picano--Art & Sex in Greenwich


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