Aaron Carter speaks out | ‘I thought I would die by 30’

Singer Aaron Carter has opened up about making his 30th
birthday after battling poor health and addiction.

The pop star, who came out as bisexual earlier this year, has
been admitted to rehab multiple times. 

Close friends reported that he had “threatened to take his own life
multiple times” and police were called in after he was seen
behaving erratically.

Now Aaron has returned to social media to share a new look after
some time out of the spotlight, and he revealed he never thought
he would live to 30, even as a teen.

“I thought I would die by 30,” the former child star said.
“Even when I was 13, 14, I thought, ‘Oh, my God. I’m going to die.’”

Carter has had a tumultuous year – with four visits to his home in
just 34 hours during a major breakdown.

He also came out as bisexual, left his girlfriend and was arrested
for possession of marijuana.
“I just felt like I needed to get away. Life, it was pretty tough.”

A three month stint in rehab helped the singer, whose brother is
Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, to overcome his demons.

He admits he “dealt with a lot of trauma, a lot of loss, a lot of
loneliness,” but rehab helped him overcome all that. Music also
played a role in his recovery.

“I’m kind of like Taylor Swift,” Aaron claimed. “I produce music
when I feel depressed. It’s just my way out, my way of resting
my mind.”

His weight dropped to a terrifying 115 pounds earlier this year.
The 29-year-old took on Instagram last month to tell fans he was
back to health: “I went from 115 to 160 pounds in two months I
feel amazing.

He added: “2018 I’m ready for you!! My new Music is on its way!” The post attracted more than 40,000 likes and over 3,000 likes from
supportive fans.

Medical experts Dr Travis Stork and Dr Jorge Rodriguez warned Aaron that
he would have to make huge changes in his life if he wants to avoid serious
health problems.

At the start of September he was tested for HIV and a number of STIs by the TV doctors.

He sobbed in front of cameras as he described how his weight has plummeted to dangerous levels.

“I need help, I’m scared,” he told US TV show The Doctors.

It was later confirmed he is HIV-negative and did not have any STIs.

Police were called to his Florida home after terrified neighbours reported “erratic behaviour” earlier this year.

One report states the caller told cops Carter was “not in a safe mental state … engaging in drug activity.”

Police noted that Carter has
“threatened to harm family
and others.”

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