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It's Time to Impeach President Bush

By Carlos T Mock

President Bush invaded Iraq three years ago looking for weapons of mass destruction. When he found
none, he said that Saddam Hussein was a tyrant that needed to be removed, even though there are worse
tyrants in the world than Saddam Hussein—just look at North Korea or Iran—and we still engage them
in diplomacy rather than unprovoked war. Then you have claims that US troops have killed more innocent
Iraqi civilians in three years than Saddam did in all his years of power...

Mr. Bush’ “argument� then shifted to “The spread of Democracy in the region as the only
way to combat terrorism.� But when the results of a true democracy in the Middle East brought Hamas
to power in Palestine, America withdrew all financial aid from the Palestinians because their democracy
was not beneficial to US interests.

So why don't we do the sensible thing and admit that we made a mistake, we have no right to be in Iraq,
they do not want democracy, and just leave? Mr. Bush claims that it would bring civil war to the country. â
€œWe must stay the course.â€�

Today’s (February 23, 2006) Financial Times front headlines read: “Civil War Feared in Iraq after
Mosque Bombings�. Two bombs ripped through one of Iraq’s most famous Shia religious shrines,
sparking retaliatory attacks and deepening fears that the country was slipping into civil war.

What will the Bush Administration say now?

Who cares?

I say impeach Mr. Bush, try him for war crimes, and get America out of Iraq before we shed more American
blood for absolutely no good reason.

Carlos T. Mock currently lives in Chicago and is the author of the book: Borrowing Time: A Latino Sexual

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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico to a middle class family. Grew up in the San Juan and upon graduation
from high school there, escaped to The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Then proceeded to
attend the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan where he obtained a Doctor in Medicine degree in 1980.

After an internship in New Orleans and a four-year obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Cook County
Hospital in Chicago, he went to work in the private practice in the Chicago suburbs until 1996.  Retired
since, due to HIV disability, he currently shares life between Chicago and Three Oaks Michigan with his life
partner, Bill Rattan, and their dogs Mellow and Mocha. In 1999 founded The Capitol Club, Equality Illinois
High-end donor club.  Currently serves on two Boards of Directors: Equality Illinois and  Orgullo en Acción,
the New Chicago Latino LGBT Organization .  Very active fundraiser in the GLBT community in Chicago,
maintains a travel website www.pinkagenda.com, a personal website: www.carlostmock.com, and some
blogs: latinoodyssey.blogspot.com. Author of Borrowing Time: A Latino Sexual Odyssey (Published by
Floricanto Press, 2003), and currently working in his latest novel: The Mosaic Virus, and
monthycontributor/columnist for Ambiente.