Armando Diaz Jr.

Armando is a native of north-central Honduras.  
He (along with his parents) immigrated to southern California
in 1979 when he was 2 years old, he is the eldest of four.   
The family was constantly on the move within the Los Angeles
area, until they moved to New Orleans in 1989, where Armando
could not help but “come of age”.  This Latino Southern Boy with
a West Coast roots (and now an East Coast attitude) began a
love affair with the French culture and language, discovering an
aptitude for languages and cultures in general.   It was his
fascination with architecture, particularly skyscrapers that led
him to study Graphic Arts and Media in 1998. He has been an active member of AIGA
(founding his school’s chapter along with another  student), before finally settling in
South Florida in late 2001.  He recently returned to his  beloved South Florida at the end
of 2014, after a (3) year tenure in southern Colorado.   There, Armando participated in the
campaigns & legislative processes that legalized gay  marriage within that state.  As well
as witnessed first hand the social & cultural effects of  Colorado’s legalization of
marijuana.    He has a keen appreciation for all things music (in particular rock and jazz).
He is a  walking encyclopedia when it comes to movies & TV shows. His writing style can
be  anything from whimsically factual to deadly serious. He’s done voice over work for a
local tribal  casino with spots that ran on Telemundo in 2011. In early 2015 he was doing
translations on voice over work  for an app development company servicing Latin
American hotels & resorts. In 2010 he challenged himself to a semester of Mandarin-
Chinese at FAU- PBCC, and is looking to tackle the language once again.  Armando
aspires to become the  next Annie Liebovitz in photography, and the next George R.R.
Martin in creative writing.   Currently, he’s a global account manager for a Florida based
interactive TV software  company and is always on the lookout for new opportunities,
adventures, and the spread  of positive energy within himself & the world around him.
Armando was married to John Williams II on 12-4-2015 after meeting in Colorado (3)
years ago.