EDDIE SIERRA   eddiechefderang@aol.com

A graduate of Johnson and Wales University and Florida
International University, his background encompasses the
areas of lobbying, banking and the mortgage industry. He
has worked as a lobbyist for multiple private and public
organizations helping enact legislation in favor of children
and seniors with disabilities. A graduate of Georgetown
University Capital Semester, where he underwent a rigorous
program on Capitalism and Democracy, following a thesis
on Parliamentary Democracies at Australia National
University, Camberra, Australia. Eddie is currently an MBA
candidate at Nova Southeastern University. President of
the Florida Chapter of National Association Loan
Modification (NALM) www.nalm.us Free lance writer and champion of diversity.
Co-founder of South Florida Wealth Builders a financial advocacy group that educates
Hispanics other minorities in making sound financial decisions.

Eddie Sierra is a contributing writer for Ambiente.