Hormazd |
A first-hand account of LGBT life
in the MiddleEast

I started writing in a weblog about LGBTs around
2003 and Ali started to write two years ago. He
wrote about our relationship, about the problems
and how to solve them and everything in this field,
to promote committed relationships among
young gay men who are forced by the situation
into short terms or even one-night-stands.  
Because I started blogging long ago, I have many
friends between bloggers and because of that of course many of them knew me too. We
had some gatherings in different places almost every one month, and we talked about
many things.  Because of that I was really afraid when I was still in Iran, of being found
and questioned, as I don't know how much I could and should keep silent about the
others I knew.

Hormazd is a contributing writer for Ambiente.
MAY | MAYO 2011
Pretending in the Middleast |A real-life journey of fear, persecution and
unwavering love