Born and raised in Sterling Virginia, I've called South
Florida home for over 13 years and LOVE it.....

I work for a cruises line and  have visited places I had
never even dreamed of seeing.  It has taken me many
years to develop the great friendships I have and
they are amazing - I wouldn't give them up for nothing.

The older I get the more I tend to look on the inside, a
big heart and confidence, I find very sexy.  It's hard to
find good friends and when u do, hang on to them,
'cause it's not easy to find real, down-to-earth people
in a transitional and often superficial beach town like South Beach, where everyone
flocks in for vacation looking for a quick piece of action which has nothing to do with
substance, rather esthetics.

I tend focus on the positive things in life and try to start every day with a "smile".

I am definitely a "people watcher", and once in a while get inspired to write about it.  It is a
journey for me.  Wanna come along?

Mike Korbini is a contributing writer for Ambiente.